Summer Vintage Wedding Ideas

{Part 3}

{Photo via Unsplash}

“They asked me to define love…I asked them to describe how water tastes.” ~N.C.

We’re knee deep in our Summer Vintage Wedding series, and we can’t wait to share with you even more ideas to pull off the vintage-inspired summer wedding of your dreams! Here’s Part 3 of this series, so let’s get started!

Flower Cupcakes.

These gorgeous creations by Cream Blossoms are almost too pretty to eat! You can mix and match icing colors and vintage floral designs! {Sources}

Floral Goddess.

Floral gowns are perfect for summer, beach, garden, and other tropical destination weddings! {Sources}

Ombre Gowns.

This trend actually started some years ago, and it was called the “dip-dyed” wedding dress. However, ombre effects are reminiscent of the 60s-70s era of tie-dye fashion. This look is perfect for the bride who’s planning a bohemian vintage-inspired wedding! {Sources}

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