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Romantic Honeymoons & Couple Vacations in Sweden!

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Happy Thursday, love birds! Last week, we continued our fun travel series dedicated to foodies. This #TravelTuesday, in honor of AirBnb’s “Sweden on Airbnb” series highlighting the Swedish principle of Allemansrätten, the “freedom to roam,” we decided to feature 3 romantic honeymoons and couple vacations in Sweden...let’s get started!

Stockholm Archipelago Tours.

Regarded as “the Venice of the North,” Stockholm’s archipelago consists of thousands of islands for you to roam. From wildlife tours and boating trips, to exploring open-air museums, to walking tours of the area’s cobbled streets, there’s something for everyone in this picturesque archipelago! {Sources}

The Tree Hotel.

This unique hideaway is truly for the rustic and adventurous traveler! It’s comprised of 6 individually eco-friendly designed treehouses that utilize hydroelectric power and low-energy LED lighting. These 6 unique accommodations include the “UFO” house, the “Mirrorcube,” and a spacious “Dragonfly” suite. The Guest House has a restaurant, bar, and shared kitchen. There’s also shower blocks with saunas, an open-air hot tub, woodland sauna, ziplines, and free WiFi throughout. Guests can also book separate excursions and enjoy campfire outdoor dining. {Sources}

Mauritzberg Golf Resort.

This luxury hotel is a 400 year old manor that sits within lush green scenic views and its very own marina! Couples can enjoy golfing, boating, Swedish gastronomy, and intimate walks in this countryside escape! {Sources}

Hope you enjoyed our travel destinations this week! Let us know if there’s a destination that you want us to highlight in the future. Stay tuned for more #TravelTuesday honeymoons and couple vacations next week!

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