Wedding Trends for Grooms & Their “Mini-Mes!”

#FathersDay Edition

{Photo via Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Alex Hibbert & Ashton Durrand Sanders of MOONLIGHT.}

Monday is “Groom Day,” where we share tips and trends for the ultimate groom wedding swag! Last week, we finished Part 2 of our Shoe Swag series, and this week, we did a special series in honor of #FathersDay. So, here are 3 wedding trends for father-son fashionistos…let’s get started!

Big Hat, Little Hat.

If you’re planning on wearing a hat at any point during your Big Day, consider purchasing a matching or similar hat for your son or ringbearer. Trust me, the pictures will be all worth it! {Sources}

Suited & Suited.

It doesn’t get much better than seeing your minime in the same suit or tux for your wedding day! BONUS TIP: For matching neckwear, go for similar patterns and colors as opposed to an exact match, because of the size difference. Also, avoid a “Who wore it better?” contest...little guys in suits will always win! 😉 {Sources}

Culture Swag.

Whether you’re wearing 1, 2, or 3 fashion changes, you can never go wrong with matching cultural garb for you and your minime! Many cultures also create matching bridal and bridal party attire as well, so have fun, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures! {Sources}

Hope you enjoyed today’s grooming style inspiration! Stay tuned for more groom wedding trends next week!

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