3 dress shoes that all men must have

It is well said “If you want to know a guy is well dressed, look down.” If you have a nice pair of shoes, it really upgrades anything that you wear and makes you look more professional and well respected.

When it comes to style, failing to wear good shoes has a huge impact on your overall style. You could be wearing the best outfit, but without a good pair of shoes it’s not going to look good.

A good pair of hard wearing leather shoes can last you for years, and if they’re versatile they can be worn with casual and formal attire.

No.1. Oxford shoes
Oxfords come in all kind of variations, there are brogues, whole cuts and cap toes but basically the most defining feature of oxford shoes is closed lacing system. It’s only open on top but closed at the bottom.

Oxfords are the best shoes to wear on business suits, tuxedos or informal suits or sport coat combinations. You must have cap toe black Oxford in your wardrobe.

No.2. Derby

Derby is defined by its open lacing system. It’s a much better shoe for people with bigger feet because simply it fits more comfortably around it and you will be much more comfortable to walk around.

Derby is less formal than Oxfords and hence, they are better for sport coat combinations,chinos and jeans especially if you are wearing a pair of brown Derby shoes.

No.3. Monk straps

Monk straps are also among the options. You can buy single or double strap monk strap pair of shoes.

The number of derby or monk strap or Oxford shoes that you should have depends upon the degree of formality of your wardrobe.

If you have more informal garments, have more of derby and monk straps. If you wear suits more or if you have white collar job, you should have more of Oxford.

One of the ways to change the look of the shoe is to change the shoelaces
and you can play with different colors depending upon mood and formality. 
If you want to go super formal go with black Oxford and black shoelaces. If you want to change the look, use some lighter colors, it looks very different.