Basic things about ties

A tie is one of the most essential accessories for the well dressed man.

Follow these rules when collecting ties to suit your outfits:

  1. Select the material carefully

Initially, you can go for silk texture tie avoiding satiny smooth silk ties with no texture. You can also go for silk knit tie which is good for summer and winter. Later on, you can go for wool ties to suit to winter.

2. Make sure that your tie matches your outfit

Match your tie either with your sport coat, blazer or dress shoes. Stick to this rule unless you are sure of what is suiting to your apparel and you can’t go wrong.

3. Building your tie collection

At first get for yourselves solid ties.For colors you can go with basic colors black,charcoal,navy, light silver first and then you can go for lighter shades or jewel tones or pastel tones like burgundy’s brown’s green’s, when you have variety of ties.

Once you have got solid color ties you can go for patterns. You can go for striped ties but make sure that there is no more than three colors to them and the major color should be black, navy or charcoal still

You can also add some polka dot ties but make sure that polka dots are not too large or concentrated heavily everywhere. It’s very distracting and doesn’t look good.

4. Choosing the right size for your ties

Size depends upon your height and your body type. If you are a broad guy you shouldn’t really wear a skinny tie because it’s gonna make you look more broad.If you are skinny guy then you shouldn’t wear a wide tie.