Dress up! your two must have Denims

It’s time for you to become the man you know yourself to be.

For her he is not just dollars worth. After all he is her man of love, the only man she has chosen from among the entire globe. So now you want to think about it and now is the time to be the man you know yourself to be!

It is you who gets to decide whether you want people to form great first impressions, treat you like a gentlemen, see you as a leader, a man of great power and nothing short of that.

Yes, investing in your appearance will have this effect on you and the people who you meet. You will immediately be seen as more successful, trustworthy and attractive.

Start Your Style Journey And Take It To The Next Level. Start with Jeans

1. Which 2 pairs of jeans are must have for you??

For style is about Denims, let’s have look at two pairs of must have Denims…When it is Denims, style is about distressed Denims. Maybe mildly distressed to suit to your build and disposition. Your Denim jeans can have whiskering and fading on thighs as the fashion demands.

If you want to go for casual you must have another pair of jeans and that can be mildly distressed lighter wash jeans.

2. Dress up your jeans

You surely want to dress up jeans with COOL tan brown leather shoes whether they are formal or informal to suit to occasion and you can rest assured that you will have rocked your manly hood with our Leather Products!

Though you have option of choosing canvas shoes, you always want to rock these classy looks that a leather shoe can give you. Ice Tres Belle button up shirt and coat on it to polish it up will add up to its beauty.

The bottom line? You always want to have minimum 2 pairs of jeans in your wardrobe but more than that you want to throw a nice pair of shoes on your Denim diamond.To cover up the impact of overall apparel on the entire look, you need to dress up your jeans to be just that man.