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Visualizing crime reporting behavior of victims of unlawful police violence in Germany

As my final work for my bachelor's degree in communication design, I created a website explaining unlawful police violence and visualizing the first results of KviAPol, a research project doing a study on this topic. I want to share my design process, which of course wasn’t this defined set of steps but more a constant back and forth between them.

Finding a topic

The hardest thing about a thesis is figuring out what the thesis will be about. I remember I was already worrying about it when I was just starting university. During the course of my studies, I found myself always picking the classes related to digital mediums. And there, in particular, data visualization got my attention. I’ve been impressed by how data journalism can map out a table with numbers into an explorable and emotional story. …

I spent the last 8 months at Musixmatch doing an internship as a Product Designer.

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About Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the world’s largest music lyrics platform. By combining AI and millions of users part of its community Musixmatch creates unique Music Meta Data that enables Music Streaming experience of companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Music, Vevo, Spotify, etc.

Musixmatch is accessible via app, desktop, and web. Musixmatch was founded in 2010 and has about 80 employees by now.


Daria Babco

Product Designer @musixmatch

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