A message to America

In a time of such turmoil and melancholy, a time of hate and discrimination, a time of separation and fear, it is imperative that we come together and fight for what we believe in. It is imperative that we do not fall victim to oppression from our own president and government.

On January 21st, 2017, our country displayed unprecedented unity with marches in every capital city in every state. Protests stretched further than the confinements of America with at least one march on all seven continents. Women and men all over the world marched to advance women’s civil rights and display criticisms of US president Donald Trump. The beautiful integration of women, men, and children of different ethnicities peacefully defending their beliefs is nothing new since numerous marches have ascended on Washington for various reasons, but what will make this one different? The answer is simple: change will make this different.

We have displayed our ability to unite in times of distress, we have shown the resilience we the American people possess, we have revealed that deep down we truly do care for one another, now it is time to travail.

The fun is over; now begins the long, monotonous grind of changing our country. Unifying and marching was the easy part, but now with adrenaline and momentum on our side we must become involved any way we can. We must elect people who actually know the opinions of the people they are representing, rather than simply seeking a position for personal benefit.

If we choose to sit back and let things happen as they will, what was the point of marching? If we let the momentum die, Mr. Trump will march us right back to the 1950’s, stripping women of their civil rights and relegating them back to a position of servitude. Trump is also attempting to hinder access to abortions and female contraceptives, something the government should have no say in. Trump is destroying relationships with Mexico because of his own racist beliefs. But most of all, he is trying to separate us in an eerily Civil War-esque way. If we don’t want to live this way, we must act. We have the power to change.

The Women’s March foreshadows what our country will become whether Donald Trump wants it or not. I hope to see millions of diverse Americans reforming our government as we know it. I hope to witness the demise of hateful discrimination and xenophobia. I hope to see America morph into a welcoming, open community to all regardless of race, sex or sexuality. Instead of America being the “land of the free and home of the brave,” we can alter it to America, land of the free and home to all.

Whether or not you support Donald Trump, there is no denying his past remarks about women and what he plots to accomplish during his presidency are atrocious towards basic human rights. It will be a long, interminable fight, with little to no support from sources other than our fellow brothers and sisters, but all we need is us, the American people. We are not alone and we are not without purpose. We are willing to fight for what’s right, and we will stand side by side until the carnage is over. All we can do is remind each other of one simple thing: never lose hope.