Have A Greek Day Out In London

If you love trying out new foods and experience life in other countries but don’t have the budget to go abroad, you’re in luck. London is the best place to try a variety of cuisines from all over the world and get the real international experience without breaking the bank. Today we’ll be visiting Greece, in London!

Stop 1: Flocafe (breakfast)

London’s newest cafe addition in South Molton Street comes straight from Greece, after being a successful coffee chain for years. As you should probably know, Greek people need a coffee to function in the morning. here you will find real frappes and even some authentic greek boiled coffee (it’s like turkish coffee but greek). Pick up a tiropita (filo pastry stuffed with cheese) while you’re at it to get you through the day. Then you can browse the shops slowly heading towards Soho.

Stop 2: Suvlaki (lunch)

The creator behind this small restaurant’s menu is one of the most well known greek chefs, who has presented numerous tv shows and written a lot of books on food. Try the 3 wraps for £12 to taste a variety of flavours, the cretan salad (I may be a bit biased here but it’s the best) and the baked feta. Accompany your meal with a pint of FIX lager or the greek version of Fanta, Loux, in fizzy orange or lemon.

Stop 3: The British Museum (extra dose of greekness)

If trying out the food is not enough, head over to the British Museum for a wander through the greek sculpture collection. You can see a great selection of ancient marbles taken by Lord Elgin and stored here in London, despite the numerous petitions for them to be returned home. While the sight of them will make most greek people upset they are definitely worth visiting.

Stop 4: Elysee (dinner and night out)

Celebrating 80 years of being the go to party venue for Greeks and Cypriots, this place boasts authentic greek night, including plate smashing, something that’s not actually done any more in Greece for health and safety reasons. In any case, this is the closest you can get to an original greek party without leaving London and it’s bound to be an incredibly fun experience.

Extra tip: Greeks are very sociable and will start conversations with anybody. However, if you don’t feel comfortable going by yourself and chatting to strangers, finding some new people to go with in advance may be a good idea. Have a look at citysocializer for any people interested in joining you and create a social for it so that everybody knows where to meet you.

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