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A financial advisor and president of Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen works closely with clients to provide risk management, Roth/IRA conversion, and asset protection strategies. Specifically, Darcy Bergen focuses on helping clients make their retirement funds last longer through targeted wealth management and income planning strategies.

As the future of government-sponsored retirement programs such as Social Security grows less certain, individual retirement planning becomes an essential aspect of a financially secure retirement. …

A financial advisor in the greater Phoenix area, Darcy Bergen has headed Peoria’s Bergen Financial Group for the past 17 years. Darcy Bergen has been named to the Million Dollar Round Table and is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA).

In order to qualify for a CRFA designation, individuals must have at least a three-year record as a professional financial services provider and/or specific financial industry job skills or classroom training. They must also accumulate a total of 24 CRFA educational credits and pass a proctored, closed-book examination. …

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In his work, Darcy Bergen facilitates financial literacy workshops for interested members of the public. In addition to recommendations on long-term savings vehicles and strategies, Darcy Bergen offers examples of lifestyle changes that can improve financial health, such as reducing impulse buying.

Impulse buying can cause significant financial problems and prevent people from building up adequate savings for emergencies and retirement. Here are a few effective strategies for curbing unplanned spending and saving more money:

- Impose a waiting period. Many people are enticed into buying an item because of a sale or other offer. However, spending any money on…

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Darcy Bergen has presided over the Bergen Financial Group for more than 15 years. In this role, Darcy Bergen employs strategies to help workers nearing retirement protect their 401(k) investments from excessive fees and hidden costs.

With strategic planning, 401(k) account holders can transfer or withdraw their balance without incurring additional fees. For example, the 10-percent early withdrawal penalty is eliminated if the account holder is older than 59 1/2 or has become unemployed after the age of 55. …

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Darcy Bergen presides over the Bergen Financial Group, which concentrates on pragmatic approaches to retirement planning. Since 2003, Darcy Bergen and the Bergen Financial Group has helped high net worth clients protect their principal and develop dependable lifelong income streams.

The firm’s highly qualified advisors are well versed in asset management, tax restructuring, and social security planning. Further, advisors work diligently to create sustainable savings plans and mitigate risk.

During an initial meeting with a Bergen Group professional advisor, new clients will discuss their ideal retirement lifestyle. …

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As the president of the Bergen Financial Group, investment advisor representative Darcy Bergen focuses on safe money strategies that ensure a comfortable retirement. Darcy Bergen is highly knowledgeable in multiple tax-deferment strategies, including 401(k) distribution planning.

Approximately half of American workers have access to a 401(k) retirement savings plan through their employer. However, many are unaware that their withdrawals will be taxed at ordinary income tax rates, which reach as high as 37 percent.

To reduce post-retirement tax liabilities, workers can open Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) accounts. Unlike a traditional 401(k), Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s are funded with…

Calculating Investment Risk Tolerance in Retirement

Arizona-based Darcy Bergen plans financial strategies for retiring seniors. Alongside his role leading Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen educates seniors on their retirement options through workshops that cover topics such as risk management.

Understanding personal risk tolerance is key to developing a sound retirement plan. Here are a few factors that professional retirement planners consider when they work with clients to identify their risk profile:

- Income potential. Clients in careers with lucrative salary trajectories may be more tolerant to risk. Conversely, people with a stabilized income or who are closer to retirement may prefer a lower risk level.

Darcy Bergen

In his role as President of Clear Solutions for Seniors, a financial advisory based in Arizona, Darcy Bergen invests more than 20 years of industry experience.

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