A New Chapter

A few years ago, I made the decision to leave my job as a Manager for McDonalds Canada in hopes of pursuing a new opportunity that would better fulfill the needs of my then busy lifestyle. In tern, I was employed with a Canadian Retailer known as London Drugs.

I began my journey with London Drugs in 2013, starting as a Sales Supervisor. It was only a year later that I would discover the realm of Twitch and begin another adventure forward. I maintained my job pretty steadily in conjunction with my, at the time, amateur streaming pastime, but at a certain point I began to realize just how much more significant Twitch was to me. Twitch quickly evolved from a simple pastime, to a new found passion. I began allocating more time and resources to my Broadcasts, and as such I began to see growth within my tiny Community.

Shortly after my first year on Twitch, I made the decision to step down from Management and for the first time, develop a consistent schedule to better allow my community the opportunity to come by and enjoy my Broadcasts. It felt good to, for the first time in nearly a decade, step out of a Leadership role and begin to focus on something I was passionate about again.

Three years later, Twitch has remained a place I have felt welcomed on, a place where I have felt at home. My amazing community has been a huge support and continues to grow. As we begin our first week into year four of Twitch, I have confidence that our best years are still ahead of us.

With that said, today begins the start of a new Chapter in my life. I have given my resignation with London Drugs, and my final two weeks of Retail have begun. Now, I am sure many questions will be asked, but probably the most pressing one will be: Whats next?

The truth is, my future is a bit uncertain. I am not too sure where my life will take me next, but I have confidence that wherever it may lead, weather good or bad, it will all work out in the end. I will be actively seeking new employment with hopes of finding something that will allow me to maintain my commitment to my Community on Twitch. In the mean time, I will likely begin streaming longer, more frequently, and potentially open up Graphic Design Commissions (Finally).

Know that no matter what happens, I love each and every member of my Community, and I look forward to where life will take me next. ❤

With Regards,

Lowell L.