Romeo Ms Rapping About Tracker Love

As I spoke to a friend who lives in Brooklyn, NY he remarked how his daughter now insisted that he no longer take her to and from school. As children grow it’s not unusual they want to spend less and less time with their parents, thus this came as no surprise. Like most kids in the tween-pre-teen years they now prefer to hang out with their friends. So, she was no exception to this right of passage. Dear old dad had been put out to pasture as her academic travel companion and instead the girl and her best friend would share the trip together. Like any good father he knew this day would come and he had already prepared by making sure the cell phone she so cherished was apped out with a tracking device so he’d know her whereabouts when he wasn’t able to be there physically to watch out for her. It’s a good day when you can buy a bit of peace of mind at an online app store.

When I first heard a song called Tracker Love by an African rapper named Romeo M I was a bit taken aback by his lyrics which described how he had planted a tracker on his Baby Girl so he could keep tabs on her. I thought that what he was suggesting crossed the pervy line that stalkers cross all the time. Listening to my friend’s solution to an age old family problem yesterday made me think that perhaps Mr. M’s idea might not be as creepy as I first contemplated. After all, oh baby, baby, it’s a wild world, and it’s hard to get by just upon a smile. And maybe I should just lighten up a bit and give another listen to his song again.

I’m glad I did. Hearing it again after climbing down from my high horse I realized that what Romeo M was pitching was more tongue in cheek than dead on serious. All he’s really talking about, like anyone who really loves someone, is wanting to know that the one they love is safe and out of harm’s way. The way this Congolese hip-hop artist has his song set up and arranged points out the never changing adage that loving someone can bring both joy and pain, satisfaction and distress, comfort and heartbreak and a myriad of other wanted and unwanted emotions in pretty much equal servings. Now, like that wise father I was talking to I finally realized that if every dawn brings a brave new world into being everyday, then like him perhaps it’s time that I too just let go and go with the flow.