Meet GES Delegate: Christian

Solar Renewable energy; enabling cleaner environment
Working hard to reduce global warming
Making the world a better place for the future generation

Name: Christian Oluwaremilekun Medupin

Twitter handle: Christian Medupin

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Organization Name: Neo Mundo Limited

Organization Website: N/A

Brief Description of Organization: Neo Mundo Limited in Nigeria is company that is registered to carry out contractual and infrastructural activities and business. Our major interest is in the aspect of electrical, electronics and lighting equipment importation, distribution, and technical sales. In the past 2 to 3 years, Neo Mundo has carried out laudable projects in the rural areas of Kogi state, while we continue to explore avenues to start projects in Solar energy implementation in Nigeria and further (Sub-Saharan Africa). We continue to work towards developing the high potential our country -Nigeria- has, in the field of renewable energy.

What inspired you to start this organization: Neo Mundo Limited was started by my brother, Christopher in 2012. I became active in the company many months after,when I got involved in 2 startups and was unsuccessful (partly due to lack of electricity). Failing in the other startups, I found my way back to the field of electrical engineering, the field in which I had my first degree. Thus, I joined my brothers at Neo Mundo, as Co-founder/prime mover for solar and renewable energy solutions, looking towards providing electricity to large rural populace and under-served communities. I also got inspired by the laudable effort of my Dad in connecting our hometown (Ogidi-Ijumu) to the national grid.

What is the next big step you hope to help your organization reach? My Dad -Paul Medupin, of Blessed Memory- played the lead role in the electrification project of my hometown(over 20 years ago). Growing up as kids, we watched him put in impressive effort to complete this project. As adults, we- the children- are now involved in activities that contributes to provision of electricity or electrical products to people. I hope to raise adequate technical and financial support to enable us provide Solar powered systems to over 500 people in rural areas of Kogi State-Nigeria, with future expansions nationwide. I also want to ensure the active presence of Neo Mundo on media platforms.

What has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur? Team Building. In the two startups that I experienced setbacks; team building, finding the right partners, and technical staff to man respective key positions, were major obstacles that hindered the progress of the startups. After my experience in those startups, I have carefully placed myself to work with serious-minded and focused team members; dedicated staff who had goals and worked hard to achieve these goals. Doing this-working with the right team members and professionals-, I attained impressive results and success(es) in all the business organizations I got involved in afterwards

What advice would you give other emerging entrepreneurs? 1. When going into a business; choose a business you have a lot of training/experience in. 
2. Employ the right hand/professionals to handle each department
3. Make sure you have a lot of zeal for what you are into, and continue to train and develop yourself in that field.
4. Work hard, pray hard, and never give up. Faith and persistence always pays
5. Always stay positive and keep your goal constantly in mind

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