How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

Experienced business executive Darin Pastor currently heads investment and business development firm Capstone Financial Group, Inc., which he founded in 2012. His previous successes include recognition from JPMorgan Chase & Co. as one of its highest-performing managers in terms of overall sales and revenue. In 2009, while serving as a Chase senior vice president and investment manager, Darin Pastor generated close to $1.5 billion in sales.

A number of experts have begun to promote content marketing as a vital tool in today’s marketplace. In an era in which many customers have become indifferent to traditional advertising methods, content marketing offers a different way to create brand recognition and drive sales. In today’s digital environment, successful marketers say that content really is king.

Content marketing involves creating and publishing fresh and original blog posts, informative studies, opinion pieces, images, and videos tied to a brand or company. Its purpose? To contribute to the public conversation in ways that establish consumers’ trust and increase their feelings of connection to the business, thus generating new leads over the long term.

Content marketing does require an investment of time, effort, and planning, but its benefits can be significant. It can lead to higher conversion rates, lower marketing costs, more social media followers, and greater customer satisfaction.

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