My Beliefs Are Horse Shit And So Are Yours

Sounds harsh, but I mean it.

All beliefs are made-up. Every single one.

Our beliefs are the building blocks of our lives. I can’t think of anything more influential. They shape and touch every aspect of our existence.

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Am I actually suggesting our whole lives are made-up?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I know it can sound upsetting and dreadful, but for me, this is actually the single most inspiring and hopeful idea I have ever come across.

No other realization has shifted my life as drastically and empowered me as much as — ”all beliefs are made-up.”

Some Examples

Beliefs are just ideas that we put energy and focus into. Our entire existence is comprised of beliefs. They are literally everywhere.

Here are a few examples of my personal beliefs. All of which are also totally made-up:

  • God exists
  • I have a soul
  • That voice in my head is NOT me
  • I am a heterosexual man

“Maybe Your Beliefs are Made-Up, But Mine are Objectively True”

I used to think all of my beliefs were universally true. They weren’t my truth, they were The Truth. There was a certain comfort in forever and always, but then I realized how harmful this was.

I had stopped listening. Stopped exploring and most importantly I stopped growing. I was full with my knowledge and that left no room for inspiration and magic in my life.

When we place our beliefs outside of us, we give up our power. There is nothing more for us to do, when it’s an objective truth. We close our hearts to the world and meet every new moment with our minds already made up.

I wasted too much time trying to get to this place of objective truth. It’s a very toxic destination we seek-out.

It’s a place of fullness and absolutism. It’s a place that has no space for progress and sees no value in inclusiveness.

There is no room for questions. There is no value in doubt or vulnerablity.

My mind was already made up. I had no space for listening, because knowledge had made me full.

Where there is no listening, there will always be no growth.

We All Start With A Blank Whiteboard

When we were born our minds were empty. There were no beliefs written down on those magical whiteboards in our heads. It was a pure blank canvas, full of potential.

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Then, things happened. Life happened. Good, bad and everything in between. We met people. They did things for us and to us. They told us things. Loved us. Hurt us. Laughed with us and laughed at us.

Each new experience put a whiteboard marker in our hands. We stood in front of that crisp and clean board and conscsiouly or unconsciously wrote a new belief onto this powerful canvas.

These beliefs impact every part of our lives. Every moment. Every interaction. Every time we look into the mirror. Our beliefs influence every experience. Whether we know they exist or not, whether we believe in our whiteboards or not. Our beliefs shape every aspect of our lives.

Would You Trust The Wisdom of A 12-Year Old Doctor?

Our core beliefs that guide our adult selves, were actually learned when we were very young (between 5–16 years).

Imagine going into your doctor’s office and meeting a 12-year old with a white coat. Now imagine this little child tries to guide you into making a major life decisions. Preposterous right? But that’s exactly what’s going on daily for most of us.

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

We are guided by the wisdom of a much younger, child-version of ourselves, who wrote a belief onto our whiteboard in those early days.

I love kids, but am I going to leave the most important decisions of my life in the hands of 12-year me? Definitely not.

“Sleepwriting” (Almost) Got Me to Quit Medium

Hands down the most dangerous way we take on new beliefs as adults is by unconsciously writing on our whiteboards. I call this sleepwriting.

Photo by Ricky Turner on Unsplash

This unconscious whiteboarding is when we don’t realize we are writing a new belief into our lives. I still catch myself doing this all the time.

Just last week, I wrote a medium post. I was really proud of it. No one liked it. No one shared it. No one commented on it. I played it cool. I pretended it didn’t’ bother me. Of course it did, so much so that I almost decided to quit writing on

Here’s what I sleepwrote on the whiteboard in my mind:

“If no one shows me social media love, that means my writing sucks.”

That’s a belief. It’s made up. I wrote it in my “sleep”. I was lucky that I woke up midway through the whiteboard session and stopped myself and chose not to keep that belief on my board.

Unfortunately, most of our beliefs are born through sleepwriting.

We are like zombies stumbling to the whiteboard in our mind. Without realizing the significance of what we are doing, we unconsciously jot down a few simple words on the board. Sleepwriting can fundimentally rock our existence for decades, maybe even our entire life.

It’s never a good idea to engage in any activity of this magnitude without being fully awake. It’s like buying a house in your sleep, except much more dangerous.

ALL Your Beliefs Are ALSO TRUE!

Wait, what!?

You just told me all beliefs are made-up and now you are saying all beliefs are all true? Which one is it?!


That might seem confusing, but it’s really not.

If you believe in something with enough energy and focus, it becomes your truth and is real for you. Keywords — “for you,” but honestly that’s all that matters. The rest of the world doesn’t have to agree for something to be real in your life.

If I believe all women are liars and I reinforce this belief daily, then those statements layer onto each other. It’s like I am throwing a sticky note onto my board, each time I consciously or unconsciously reinforce that belief.

If I layer on 10 new sticky notes a day, in a few months I’ll have to stand a few feet away from my whiteboard because of all the layers of notes. It will start to be really hard to actually see my board, underneath all those messy sticky notes.

Soon I will be so far away and the board will be so polluted with so many sticky notes, that I will actually forget the board even exists. What a travesty!

Why Does Any Of This Matter?

Because if you don’t stay woke, if you don’t stress test your beliefs constantly, if you don’t take 100% responsibitly for your life, you will wake up one day in a life that isn’t yours.

This is exactly what happened to me. I had written too many beliefs while sleeping. I stopped believing in magic. I lost God. I forgot that I was a soul that was having a human experience and NOT a human that occasionally (if I was lucky) had a spiritual epxerience.

No two perspectives could be any further from each other.

In short, I gave up my power and I was passively taking whatever life threw my way. I got really good at rolling with the punches, but there was a totally different option avalaibe to me that I was denying. I didn’t need to roll all the time. I could instead create. I was a magical manifestation being (just like you) that forgot he had super powers.

It Was Time For a Reset

Get a wet towel and clean your whiteboard until it’s spotless. Don’t worry, any beliefs you really love, you can always re-write, but this time from the perspective of the conscious, fully intentional, adult you. I’m making an assumption that you today are a bit wiser than 12-year old you.

Here’s why starting fresh is so powerful. It’s a total detox of any crap in your mind that no longer serves or supports you today. You can choose only the beliefs that are aligned with your purpose and your soul. You can get rid of toxic beliefs, that have been holding you back and you can finally purge all that junk.

Just remember, your new beliefs are also made-up, but so are all beliefs, so don’t sweat it, just don’t get too attached.

This purging shouldn’t be a once in a lifetime activity. Honestly, it should be a daily practice. It takes seconds. You should always be scanning for beliefs and asking yourself questions like:

  • Does this belief still serve me?
  • Does this belief empower me?
  • Am I stronger with this belief in my life?
  • How would I restate this belief with the wisdom of today?
For God sakes, only pick beliefs that fill your life with joy and happiness. Only take on new beliefs that will allow you to see magic and beauty eveywhere.

Don’t waste another moment on shit that holds you back. Design your dream life from the ground up. Since you are starting from scratch this is a great opportunity to set up new rules that make it impossible for you not to succeed.

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

This doesn’t mean you don’t have tough days, bad days and days where you want to quit everything. Those are inevitable. Just make sure your new beliefs allows for these types of days and maybe even repositions them in a way that empower your life.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what you say your beliefs are. All that matters is what your actions support.

Shake Up Your Beliefs Often

Here is a simple 2-part exercise I use to remind me that all beliefs are made-up. I try to do this simple exercise at least once a week. It’s easy to get too attached to our current beliefs and keep them way pass their expire dates.


Write down your 3 most important beliefs. Then ask yourself honestly if your actions yesterday, last week or this year have supported those beliefs.

Here are mine:

  • I am a soul that is having a human experience
  • All creation comes from God (aka The Universe)
  • Process is always greater than End


Look and see if you have any space to imagine a world where the opposite of these beliefs could be true? Be honest. It’s important.

If the answer is ‘no’, that means you are probably too attached to your beliefs. That attachment is closing you off. Which means you have stopped listening and you are getting full.

So, Let’s Recap

  • All beliefs are made up.
  • All beliefs are also true. (as long as we put energy behind them)
  • Our beliefs are the most important part of your life.

And last but certianly not least:

  • We are the only person who can add, updated or replace our beliefs. Our whiteboard does not work with anyone else. This is a safety feature put in by The Universe, so that we can always remain magical manifestation beings.

How do you leave room for magic in your life? Do you have a daily practice? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Darius Bashar is a portrait photographer and writer, but before any of that, he is a soul having a “human experience”. :) →