A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone.
Your Fat Friend

I am a very heavy set person and have been my entire 53 years of existence no matter the amount of exercise I get or diets I have tried I’ve always been over weight.

How ever, unlike the person mentioned in your article, I don’t and won’t put up with the abuse, verbal or otherwise ever. I stand up for myself because I know almost no one else ever will.

I’m lucky that I have 2 friends that stand by me if they are around when someone tries to bully me. I know a lot of other over weight people don’t have that.

I’m sorry, if that airline person tried to over charge me for the plane delay the way they did that young man, I’d get their name and badge number and take it to a lawyer as discrimination. I would make a fuss, a big one. That kind of discrimination is illegal, immoral and just wrong.

I’ve had to deal with fat bashers and haters too. To give you an example, I do actually go to a gym 2–3 days a week when I can. Recently, a few weeks ago in fact, I was at the gym working out on one of the exercise machines and some skinny little thing started staring at me because she wanted the machine I was using. There was another one just like it 30 feet away but she wanted the one I was on so she started staring at me and making snarky fat bashing comments like, “How could she (meaning me) let herself go like that, what a pig. And how dare she take up a prime machine spot that a normal person should be using?” The friend she was talking to looked embarrassed and turned away from her but didn’t say anything about the comments.

I couldn’t resist, I had been nearly finished with my work out on that machine but since she’d been obnoxious I did an extra set of reps on the weight machine I was using before even looking at her. When I was finished, I turned to her and quite loudly in fact said, “Bitch, I may be fat but your a malicious, bigoted, rude, low browed, self indulgent, overly entitled piece of work. People like you try to pick on me because of my size, then you pick on me even more when I’m attempting to better myself? Get a life, better yet, why not try buying yourself some manners the way you bought those silicon boobs and face lift.” By the time I was done talking to that woman half the people there were staring and murmuring, but not at me. They were staring at that women. In fact, a gym attendant came over and asked what was the matter and I told him. He told that woman that she needed to learn to get along if she wanted to stay.

I’m sorry, I know the sting of bullying and criticism over my weight, but I don’t let these people get away with it. I might be the only one standing up for me at that moment, but if I don’t or won’t do it I can’t expect anyone else to do it for me even though it would be a kindness and a blessing if they did.

Yes we need more people on our side, I agree with you there. But heavy set, fat or what ever you want to call it people need to speak for themselves and not just accept the bad treatment and criticism or sizist bull because until more of us do something about it, nothing will ever change for us.

People you need to break out of the mold all these haters have put us in and speak up. Do it now, do it loud and do it often until you believe that you deserve better treatment because YOU DO!!!!!!!!