NaNoWriMo Sucks.
Shaunta Grimes

I am definitely a Nanite. I had a friend who was pushing me to do something with my ability, he got me started doing a story to go with another friend’s jewelry line. Computer crash made that a bust. Then he found NaNoWriMo for me. I didn’t hit 50,000 but it pushed me to finish before the next one. It is unedited just over 50,000 but is also a teen book (I think). :) I finished it Oct 30th and began a new one, I was over ambitious and life made me unable to move it ahead much after November. This year I am much happier with my story idea and have actually researched for it (which i rarely do ahead).

Once this years is done I will alternate transcribing book one and writing this years to avoid boredom with either. I learned quickly that NaNo is not a way to complete a novel but a way to start and that makes it so worth doing for me. If I ever succeed in publishing I will have NaNo and my friend to thank for helping me get there.

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