Fall 2016 — Battle Pass: Path of the Protector

For those who want their team to have most of the kills (and win)

Some say that to play Support is to play a game where you are bad mechanically, but good strategically. This path only makes strong that assumption, as most of the Quests here promote good senses of assistance rather than “click and kill”.

The Lucid Torment set for Bane is awesome. It doesn’t break is base color, and with subtle designs I think it captures Bane’s nature. I bet most of the people says is a trash set anyway.

Welp, let's go with the Quests… shall we?

Alms from the Poor

Spend 500 / 1250 / 2500 gold on support items.

Support items that qualify are Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Smoke, Dust of Appearance, Courier, Gem of True Sight and Flying Courier. I think that’s all.

The good part is that this it will count if you stack up on Sentries before the match ends, so if you are short on gold to spend, get near the Enemy Fountain (or TP back to yours), sell your items and buy what you can. You should complete this quest with no problems.

Before finishing the game I bought 18 Sentry Wards (apart from the other items) and sold them right away, and I got three stars on this.

Walk it off

Heal yourself and your allies for a total of 4000 / 5500 / 7000 health.

For healing purposes, Supports Heroes who exceed on this are the recommended: Dazzle, Omniknight, Pugna, Oracle, Warlock and Winter Wyvern.

Good tanky heroes that can do the same but with less efficiency are Abaddon’s Borrowed Time, Alchemist’s Chemical Rage, Huskar’s Inner Vitality, Phoenix’s Sun Ray and Undying’s Soul Rip.

I could count With Doctor, but his Voodoo Restoration heals 40 HP every second at best. So basically you need almost 3 minutes of full duration at Level 4, if your teammates know that being close to you they get healed. If you know very well how to play Witch Doctor, you may try. The same goes for IO, because it needs a lot of communication and team coordination, while Treant Protector needs a lot of patience.

You can also count Necrophos if he goes the semi-support-semi-carry way. Basically, you go all the way to Guardian Greaves from minute 0 and help sustain the team with mass healing all the time. Not the best hero but I did it with him. Enchantress should also count with Nature’s Attendants.

Recommended Heroes: Dazzle, Omniknight, Pugna, Oracle, Warlock and Winter Wyvern.
Other options: Juggernaut, Enchantress, Abaddon, Alchemist, Huskar, Phoenix, Undying.
If you like pain: IO, Witch Doctor, Treant Protector

I Know it Hurts

Deward 2 / 4 / 6 or more enemy Observer Wards.

I’m just gonna copy paste what I did for Just Dewards in the Path of the Rogue:

… The problem is not only being aware of where [the enemy’s Observer Wards] can be, but if your teammates can aid in that task (through pings, chat or their abilities). Also, hope the enemy team is warding the map too on predictable spots.

If you are in for this task, Zeus is a no brainer as he can deward whenever he wants. A Quelling Blade is also recommended so you don’t stay too much being visible trying to bring down the ward.

Recommended Hero: Zeus

The Enabler

Across multiple victories: Disable enemy heroes for 100 / 150 / 200 seconds.

What I wrote for Tactical Pause in the Path of the Warrior still applies here:

There is no other hero that can excels in this than Bane, with Nightmare and his ultimate, Fiend’s Grip, that passes through Magic Immunity.

You can also try with Lion and Shadow Shaman, both with two reliable disable mechanisms that can add up.

Add to that usual long disabling items like Orchid Malevolence / Bloodthorn, Scythe of Vise and Eul’s Scepter.

Recommended Heroes: Bane
Other Heroes: Lion, Shadow Shaman

Monster Farmer

Stack 3 / 6 / 9 creep camps.

This is pretty easy and straightforward. I recommend to use the easy camp and the mid camps, specially if you want to help your jungler in the first minutes, and do it again before the mid game so your carry can get some free XP and Gold when he decides to pay a visit to the jungle.

Basically, any hero can do this. Just beware to have some vision so you can see if you’re getting ganked.

Crutch Player

Save 1 / 2 / 3 friendly heroes from death, by preventing or healing before a lethal attack.

Dazzle’s Shallow Grave and say no more. Well, Oracle could also count with False Promise and a lot of healing just to be sure, along with Omniknight’s Guardian Angel, but is not confirmed.

I don’t know if Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield could count to prevent that, but it should too.

Recommended Heroes: Dazzle
Other Options: Oracle, Omniknight, Abbadon

The Cliffs Have Eyes

Place 4 / 8 / 12 Observer Wards for your team.

Again, nothing that I can recommend except to note that Observer Wards have a stock cooldown.

With a limit of 4 stock, you start the game with 2 available. The game replenish 1 every 150 seconds. So, doing the math, and assuming you always buy all available, you can end up with 12 Observer Wards before the 25:00 minutes.

Remember, the quest counts placed wards, not the number you actually bought even if you shared them.

Hold that thought

Interrupt 2 / 4 / 6 enemy heroes during a channeled spell.

Prepare your favorite stunner, because this will depend on the lineup. Along with that, let me remember you that Teleport Scroll is a channeled spell, so interrupting that should count. Silence doesn’t work on TP, but it will on Heroes’ Abilities.

My personal recommendation is Earthshaker. Along with nice items, like Aether Lens and Aghanim's Scepter, you should be an unstoppable force ready to stun everything from afar. You can also take into account heroes with stun, hex or silence paired with Blink Dagger and/or Force Staff.

Even if it out of the meta for quite a while, Clockwerk is a good stunner from very far, and once he gets his Aghanim’s Scepter it becomes very, very dangerous. Elder Titan also counts, but you may have problems with the sleeps as a lot of people doesn’t know that any damage instance will wake them up. Earth Spirit is a good pick if you know how to play him.

Orchid Malevolence / Bloodthorn, Skull Basher / Abyssal Blade, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Monkey King Bar and Scythe of Vyse work for this.

Popular heroes with long Channeled Spells to play against are Pudge, Witch Doctor, Sand King, Shadow Shaman, Enigma, Keeper of the Light, and Bane.

Recommended Heroes: Earthshaker
Other Options: Earth Spirit, Any hero with proper disabler + Blink and/or Force Staff.

Arcane Etiquette

Restore 1000 / 1750 / 2500 mana to friendly heroes.

Unless you are Keeper of the Light, or a very good IO or Pugna user, Arcane Boots are mandatory for your Hero. Upgrading to Guardian Greaves is almost obligatory to reach 2500 mana as soon as possible.

If you do the math, 1 charge of Arcane Boots replenish 135 mana and it has a 55s cooldown. To get 2500 of mana replenishment you would need almost 18 minutes at best, using it every time, around 1 hero. The time can decrease up to 5~ minutes considering 4 heroes more around you.

Guardian Greaves is a costly item as a support, and usually comes very far, but it restores 160 mana every 40s. Using our 1 Hero example, that means less than 11 minutes, and up to 3~ minutes around 4 heroes.

If you are desperate, you can mix Arcane Boots and Guardian Greaves. As far as I know, both can work together. Just be sure you are replenish lost mana. This won’t count on heroes who have their full mana available.

Crystal Maiden doesn’t count for this quest. Probably because she offers Mana Regeneration through Aura instead of an active spell.

Recommended Heroes: Keeper of the Light
Other Options: Pugna, IO, any hero with Arcane Boots and Guardian Greaves.

Crimson Platter

Get 2 / 4 / 6 kills or assists on heroes while they are disabled by your stun.

Getting those kills / assists will be difficult, as the must die while they are stunned. So, you should get heroes who can have long stuns and low cooldowns.

Shadow Shaman’s Shackles is the best candidate on this, as it can last up to 5 seconds — enough to get a kill with along your teammates. Windrunner’s Shackleshot at Level 4 means a long 3.75 seconds of stun if it's succeeds, too.

Bane’s ultimate, Fiend’s Grip, is one of the most large “stunner” in the game, goes through Magic Immunity, and can help to set a kill if the target is too tanky. Pudge’s Dismember duration is a short 3 seconds, but also counts if you can kill him during the spell.

Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt duration can extend to 4 seconds, so is a good hero to do this almost solo, along with Morphling’s Adaptive Strike. Invoker’s Cold Snap is also recommended as it can extend to 10 seconds and the stun procs on hit.

Batrider is one of the most recommended heroes, but it needs team coordination or your Flaming Lasso will be wasted. Spirit Breaker should count as his Ultimate, Nether Strike procs Greater Bash, and it’s very good to finish heroes and specially when you have an Aghanim’s Scepter ready to bash some more with AoE.

I hope Valve nerfs this to “Across multiple victories” and make it “3 / 6 / 9” to leverage.

Recommended Heroes: Shadow Shaman, Windrunner, Batrider, Spirit Breaker
Other Options: Bane, Pudge, Winter Wyvern, Chaos Knight, Morphling, Invoker.

Scanned and Delivered

Successfully scan enemies 1 / 2 / 3 times while they are outside of their fountain.

Simple as that. It’s a good idea to scan an area where you have no vision, or to check where they after a long absence. Here are my recommendation to not get an scan wasted:

  • After a smoke, check the area where you want to hunt so you can plan accordingly before going in.
  • Check your / your team flanks if they come to farm a lane with no vision on their sides.
  • Check their jungle if someone disappears for a long time
  • Check the high ground if you are going towards these places with no vision, like for example, to put a Sentry Ward.

Remember, this shit doesn’t work on Roshan Pit, but is always the norm to leave a hero outside the pit to grant vision or break smoke. So, using scan outside may give a hint.

Personally, I expect Valve to ramp this up in number and add “Across multiple victories” to prevent abusing or random scans.

Smoked and Then Got’em

Across multiple victories: Get a kill or assist within 30 seconds of using Smoke of Deceit, 3 / 6 / 9 times.

I would recommend to use Smoke with your team, using scan where you want to make the fight. The good part, is Across multiple victories, but the rotation must be done fast — the Quest says “using”, so after its activation you will have little window to plan your attack, and if the scans fails, change the path.


Reveal 2 / 4 / 6 invisible enemy heroes, causing them to die within 30 seconds of being revealed.

It seems by the title that the most viable way to complete this Quest is to have Dust of Appearance in your pocket, and an invisible hero on the other team: Broodmother, Mirana, Riki, Sand King, Treant Protector, Bounty Hunter, Invoker, Clinkz, Nyx Assassin, Templar Assassin and Weaver.

The thing is, Dust of Appearance is often used as a reactive item, and Sentry Wards as a defensive item. Catching escaping heroes with Shadow Blade / Glimmer Cape / Silver Edge is the norm, but you may have trouble to keep away an initiation by an invisible hero.

My personal recommendation? If you find a invisible hero on the other team, pick Slark, get Dust of Appearance, and have a good eye on your Shadow Dance passive.

Killing invisible heroes under a Sentry Ward you placed or carrying a Gem of True Sight is not confirmed to count, but it should to me.

A Little to the Left

Get 2 / 6 / 10 kills or assists on heroes after forcibly repositioning with an item or ability.

It seems that this Quest screams for Heroes with Blink, or items like Blink Dagger and Force Staff / Hurricane Spike, and have the power of good AoE nukes to set up a kill, like Crystal Maiden’s Freezing Field, or Magnus’ Reverse Polarity for example.

Repositioning the victim also counts for this. For example, you can use Disruptor’s Glimpse for this challenge as the latest Dota 2 Client Update.

The hero who is reported to steal the show on this quest in particular is Spirit Breaker. His Greater Bash not only stuns but also pushes the enemy, so spamming Charge of Dankness and Nether Strike should give you 3 stars ez. Just beware of itemization, Spirit Breaker is great early game but as the match progresses he starts to lose protagonism thanks to Black King Bar, Lotus Orb and Linken’s Sphere.

There is no much restrains here in the hero pool, so you can go wild as long you get a good mobility item first so the counter starts to count pronto.

As Yatin says, you have to reposition before killing them, not afterwards.

Recommended Heroes: Spirit Breaker.
Other Options: Heroes with repositioning spells.

Helpless Dreamer

Get 2 / 4 / 6 kills or assists on heroes with Fiend’s Grip​, and debuff enemy heroes for a total of 100 / 300 / 500 seconds.

Getting those kills/assists with Fiend’s Grip should be no problem as long there is support near to finish the job. The problem is debuffing for almost 9 minutes long.

Nightmare acts as a debuff and lasts 4~7 seconds. Enfeeble, on the other hand, lasts 20 seconds and has 8s cooldown on all levels. The logic dictates to get 1 point on Enfeeble for early harassment, level up Nightmare and keep Enfeeble as last to max out as it can reduce 120 damage.

Personally I would start with Orb of Venom (4 seconds) or Blight Stone (8 seconds), then Medallion of Courage / Solar Crest (7 seconds to infinite) or Veil of Discord (16 seconds). Refresher Orb should be your next objective if you’re doing very very very good.

Those starting items should aid in the harassment department, and the next to in amplifying our team damage. Refresher Orb is not cheap, but that ensures you can use Fiend’s Grip again to complete the Quest.

It doesn’t seems to difficult considering that item path allows constant debuffing as long you are near, and you should get your debuffs completed at 15 minutes as its best.

And that should be it. Good luck getting that set and reaching Level 60.