Entry 3 : Prototyping

So, creating a prototype for all the little children wanting to learn about bike safety, and the teachers wanting the kids out of their hair for a while. Kind of hard considering we will be making the full product in the second half of the brief.

This being the first half, where we have to decide what we have to make in the prototype and the make the prototype. Although I’m not entirely sure on what kind of eLearning activity prototype I should go towards. A few ideas I have brainstormed are:

  • Quiz
  • Spot the difference
  • Simulation

These three seem like they might be the easiest to prototype considering their simplicity. The quiz being a multiple answer test with imagery of the answers. The spot the difference being one picture of one child with the correct equipment for riding a bike, next to that being one without that equipment, the activity being the user presses the spots wear their aren’t equipment and the image is then corrected.

Now that I think of it, I could also do something similar aspect, much like a ‘dress-up’ game, I could have a selection of items on the side and a figure in the middle, and the user would equip the correct items on the figure in the right place to progress. Having sound queues and the figures appearance change to what item have been placed on them.

Because the goals we have to achieve in these activities are.

— Teach the user what they need be equipped with in the order to be safe.
 — Teach the user when to apply situational awareness.
 — Learn 4 important hand signals
 — Teach an amount of knowledge towards road signs

Concept rough for drag and drop