Should we Ban the Confederate Flag?
dex digital

Woah, woah, woah, Dex!

Didn’t you get the message? blacks being sent to America would not have had a place to live without the gracious slaveowners. I mean, they gave them free food and shelter, they weren’t racist!

So, i actually wanted to hit the nail on the head with this response. I decided to do some research and get some information from those who don’t see the confederate flag as racist.

Apparently, the civil war was NOT about slaves, or at least, that’s what any southern sympathizer will tell you. The two main points that i kept coming across time and time again, were rights and land.

There were supposedly laws (which i couldn’t find) in the south ‘protecting’ slaves from being abused, and apparently the 18th president of the United States was in court an awful lot because of them. Perhaps they were refering to the Slave Codes where they didn’t want to overstimulate our simple minds with thoughts of reading & writing (I guess the sarcasam isn’t over.) Which does explain why Ulysses S. Grant would have been in court so much. Fuck that dude, trying to educate colourd’s ‘n shit.

I mean how could the confederate flag represent hatred? They fought the north so that black people could just focus on the simple things in life and wouldn’t have to trouble themselves with tedious thoughts of rights and freedom.

***Contains heavy sarcasam***

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