Harm others?
Veritas — writer, editor.

No, you cannot “create” emotional harm online. That is one of the most pervasive pieces of nonsense being promulgated by the “its not my fault” brigade in the online community. What can happen is that your comments might provide a stick for an already damaged personality to beat themselves up with. If someone has so little self esteem that they cannot simply ignore, block, turn away from comments that they find unpleasant then perhaps they — or those (over)reacting on their behalf- should look for the real problem, usually “PPP” Piss Poor Parenting. A person’s strength of character, their esteem is something that is instilled during childhood. If it isn’t then blame those responsible for raising them. I know this is not a popular opinion, it’s much less daunting to blame the obvious, but it is realistic, it is true. To prove it, I will challenge anyone, or any group to harm me with online comments or attacks. When I stop laughing at such attempts, I will assure anyone interested that I remain completely untouched. As will my children, peers, family. I know of no one in my circle of awareness who could do anything but find amusement in any “attacks”. All that can be done by online “bullying” is shine a light on already existing flaws. It is disingenuous to claim such flaws can be created in a previously undamaged individual. Perhaps those who are already too fragile to ignore or simply turn away from anything that distresses them should not be allowed to go anywhere or do anything whilst unescorted. They need to learn to adapt to the world, as there is not a chance in hell that the world is going to adapt to them. None of this is new, only the medium used has changed. Children mocking other children in schoolyards or playgrounds is not a new phenomenon, it existed in the times of the Greek Philosophers, in Mark Twain’s time. In the time when our Grandparents were children. The Sticks & Stones advice was a response to this that dates back for many generations. I will not walk on eggshells to create a “special” world for people whom I did not damage. Such people need to have their problems recognised at the cause, not have a bandaid applied to the result. There is already far too much cotton wool being deployed.

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