I suggest you do the same with your response.
Brian Crocker

Her pain and struggles could have been cut in half with a room mate. Which most people in SF have. That’s not even touching on the whole English degree situation. She was paid well and had full benefits, I don’t have any benefits and a rotten tooth. There is always someone worse off.

You know what you do with that work bread most of us don’t get? You make a sandwich at work to eat there then you make a second one to take home. Jar’s of Goober are less than $4 in most places. Instant oatmeal costs $2.50 for a 10 pack box. That’s more than a weeks worth of breakfasts and you can take water home from work in a jug if need be.

Cell phone is too much? T-mobile’s 100 minute plan and you use Google Voice to make your out going calls.

She expected to be handed a high paying job she did not earn. And she was too foolish & ignorant to learn how to over come the situation.

That’s why most of us feel no sympathy for a whiny millennial that had options shes refused to take.

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