Learning to See

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been studying compositional techniques, trying to better understand the DNA of what makes one picture work and another fail. As with many amateur photographers, theories about design and color are usually pretty far from my mind when I leave the house to shoot. The result of this is a large percentage of photos that are OK at best — mildly pleasant to look at, but without any real impact — and total failures at worst.

As I move into the second half of this year (and the second half of this project), I am going to make a more concerted effort to post only my best work, work that will hopefully be informed by a more focused understanding of and attention to line, shape, color, texture, form, and pattern; and to ground-level techniques for better pics like filling the frame.

Here are a couple of shots from today, taken with my new Pentax K-5iis and a 50mm lens. I really tried to think about foreground and background, filling the frame, moving in closer, and creating a mood. I did make some minor adjustments to exposure and a few other things in RAW, but I think the compositions are a little stronger and more thought out than my usual shots.