Hypocrisy and privilege

I have been wrestling recently with how one puts into words, the hypocrisy shown in Feminist/SJW groups. This has not been a simple task. It Started off with a simple tweet, then, after the realization hit me that the required brevity of Twitter’s magnitude simply would not avail the message that I had planned. I don’t have a metric ton of followers anyway, so it would likely fall on deaf ears no matter how well it was written since what I often write about has little to do with the happenings at the time. Currently, that is an A.I.,written by Microsoft, turning into one hell off a troll.

Let us talk a bit about rights and privileges, shall we?

What we typically see as a *Right* is something that is not granted, It is something that we are not only supposed to be ABLE to do, but is an obstruction of law to attempt to prohibit, abridge or otherwise deny. These are different from freedoms which can be done until a governing body say you may not do them anymore. Many people conflate these two. It is a RIGHT that you PURSUE an education. It is a RIGHT that you speak your mind on the policies that govern that process. The education itself is not yours unless you fulfilled your part of payment and satisfied the conditions for passing grades.

Typically, a privilege is something bestowed upon an individual or group of individuals or something available to that person or groups, uniquely. I hesitate to call it something that a group has because those are commonly called “advantages” Armies long ago who controlled water supplies against a foe, did not have the “privilege” of having water, they took the water, therefore, acquired and advantage. A key clue to the word “privilege” is the element of bestowal. Two parties are always involved, the recipient and the patron. One cannot bestow a thing upon ones self, without appearing unstable, anyway.

and here it is. wrapped in the cloth of the destitute; Hypocrisy. You see, the SJW forgets the caveat that comes with their proclamations. They would have the world believe, that they believe, the LGBTQWXYZ#882.224&*THETA9 are all oppressed persons. They will ride to the “aid” of those they see as “under privileged”. However, They will engage just as, if not more fiercely a trans, gay, ???? person than even the most vicious troll. Should that person not agree with with the SJWs worldview. It is at this moment that the SJW has decided that THIS person is not worthy of the “PRIVILEGE” of SJW protection. And only a few moments ago, it was this persons “RIGHT” to not be harassed or name called, But for some reason is now TOTALLY ELIGIBLE FOR BOTH.

The biggest fallacy about the SJW, is not the judgement of people who do not agree though, no, it is the ILLUSION that they have given up an IOTA of power that they claim gives them privilege. You see, when they pass this judgement, they MUST think of themselves as higher than the target. Sitting on a throne dishing out “white hate” simply means that the SJW in question feels they have the right to BESTOW power to those UNDER them.