This story was told to me from one of my friends.

It was 2007, I was with a couple of my friends camping. I was 16 and was just with some 16–18 year olds on this fun camping trip out in the woods behind some of these guys houses. We picked a spot in the clearing where it would be like a little party kind of site although I don’t do drugs or even smoke weed or any of that. I grew up with that going on all around me so I tried to avoid it. But nobody brought weed or anything along, I don’t think. So we all hung out in this clearing with 3 different tents set up and with a fire pit in the middle. We had planned to spend 4–5 days, it was summer vacation so we didn’t have school, I think this was early August. Anyway, we all decided to hang out in the clearing, roasting marshmallows and everyone but me having beers. I sat around making s’mores and the sun was just beginning to set and we were all having a good time. At around 7:00 or so, we heard something moving in the bushes nearby and someone threw an empty beer bottle at the bushes. We heard the smash and watched something climb out of the bushes and lumber back into the trees. We thought it was just some psycho person but everyone got a little bit nervous.

Later that night I was asleep in the tent with 3 other people, the only person I knew was my friend, Paul, who invited me along. I remember everything being silent and then I heard a sort of popping sound by the fire and we all sat up. Crawling out, we could hear people in the other tent’s voices saying “The heck was that?”. Paul unzipped the tent and we crawled out. The fire which we had put out about an hour or two ago was now roaring with flames. We put it out and thought maybe someone poured gasoline all over the fire and lit a match or lighter and lit the fire. But we never heard the gas pouring or a match being struck/lighter being flicked. We also didn’t hear anybody running away because we would have heard them. It was at this point, there was an awful smell but had a stuffy nose and couldn’t make it out really. It may have been a skunk but Paul said one of the other guys said, it was like rotten meat but we had not smelled it earlier or since. Some other people began holding their shirts up to their noses as if a pungent smell had just appeared. We were all a little on edge but I guess some people agreed “fuck it”, let’s just stay here. Nobody brought any guns to fend ourself off but one guy, who was about 18 said he had a pocket knife.

Our second day here, nothing happened until it became night again. At around 4:00 AM, we were all fast asleep and awoken by noises behind our tent. We started to get out when Paul said “Shut the fuck up for a minute!” We sat in silence listening to the noises which sounded like voices I couldn’t make out. The voices seemed to be coming closer to us and we quietly climbed out of the tent. The voices still approaching our camp, the two other guys in our tent crept to the other tents and woke the other people up telling them to get out here at once. All 13 of us stood quietly listening to the voices get closer and louder. At the point where they had gotten behind our tent, we heard the voices stop but an eerie humming noise was coming from the trees all around us. One of the guys, I think named Ben, who was 17 or 18 walked to about 10 feet from the tree line where the voices had been coming from. He said “Oi! Who is there?” and we quietly waited for a response. We heard nothing except distant crickets. He walked back to us and right then we heard the voices moving away which to me sounded like what Ben had asked “Oi! Who’s there?” but it didn’t sound like Ben moving away, almost like something was trying to mimic what he sounded like. I could hear the voice sort of crackily and jumpy repeating those words as it moved off into the distance.

We all got back to our tents but didn’t sleep. The next day, someone had left to their house to grab something. They came back a little later with a potato gun saying he’d shoot the fuck out of the thing bothering our camp site. Around 7:00 PM, not really partying but just huddled around the fire, a girl, just one of two stands up, practically pissing herself and we find out what’s wrong. Here’s one of the similarities I found with the well known goat man story, she said that last night, when we were listening to the voices, there was another person with us. There was 13 of us now but she insisted that there had been a 14th. Reading the Anansi goat man story and connecting that experience later made my butt clench. We all started to get nervous again and Ben told us he was going to run back to his house (he and potato gun guy were neighbours) and he said he was going to get his father to come out here with a gun and wait. Someone went with him and Paul and I were just talking to each other about how we could leave early if shit got too chaotic which is was starting to get to now. We were in the middle of talking about how we should pack up when we saw Ben standing in the woods. It was clearly him with his blue hoodie and jeans and he was looking straight at us from about 40 feet away but we didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. The person who went with him wasn’t standing next to him, it was just him standing alone watching us. It was a 25 minute walk back to his house but he couldn’t have been back 5 minutes later. Everyone got really uncomfortable and people started yelling “Hey Ben! What are you doing?” but he just kept watching us. We watched as he seemed to slink back into the trees. By now, people were scared out of their minds and I was too. Why was Ben being a prick and just staring at us and not doing anything. We decided to pile into one tent and wait.

A short while later the other Ben turned up with his dad and the other person that went with him and his dad was holding a hunting rifle. Ben told him what happened with the voices and the father walked that way into the trees and took a look around. He said it felt like eyes were watching him from every direction. Paul then told Ben’s dad that we just saw another Ben standing in the woods staring at us. Ben’s dad walked over there and looked around too. He came back and said he could stay with us and the gun but said he would control it because if we got drunk and started shooting a gun around, we’d all kill ourselves. He slept in Ben’s tent. It was our third night here and it was really fucking creepy. We quietly listened for…it… being anywhere nearby. Paul had a funny look in his eyes and started sweating. He later told me that while we were all sitting around, he saw a strange figure moving through the woods moving its arms around in a strange jumpy motion. Around 2:00 AM, we were all going to get ready for bed and we heard it. It was saying something but in a highish voice. It sounded like it was saying “Oi! Who’s there?” completely mimicking what Ben had said the night before. Ben’s dad tried to pin point where the voice was coming from and fired a shot into the trees. That gunshot was loud as fuck. Right after, we could hear a creepy chanting like male voice. I was scared, Paul was scared, everyone was. The chanting sounded like a deep voice chanting so not multiple people. Underneath the chanting, we could hear something mumbling noises. Again another shot was fired but I saw what Ben’s Dad was shooting at, it was a figure crouched low by some bushes. It looked like a direct hit but the figure did not move, instead it stood up, sort of hunched over and moved back into the forest. We raced back into our tents and I could hear crying and moaning coming from right behind our tent. All four of us in the tent were getting scared and then I could kind of smell a strong vinegar smell that was very powerful. Then, I noticed what looked like finger tips moving along the tent wall and to the door and move down the zipper to grab the part you use to open. Paul dove over to the zipper and held it down as whoever or whatever tried to pull it open. Paul and one other guy in the tent started yelling “Who’s out there?!” and after a minute, we could hear a screeching noise as this thing took off into the darkness. We decided to say “fuck the fourth and fifth day, let’s get out of here in the morning”.

Here’s the scariest experience of that night. At 3:45 AM (checking my watch) I had to go pee. Since what had just occurred not long ago, I decided I wasn’t getting out of the tent and maybe I could stick my bird out of a small zipper opening but then I pictured whatever it was out there biting or ripping my thing off so I decided to open up the tent, slither outside just slightly and pee to the side of the door. As soon as I was finished, I noticed someone by the furthest tent away. I grabbed my flashlight beside my pillow and turned it on and shined it towards the person. It looked like Paul, back facing to me, hunched over by the tent. But Paul was right behind me sleeping in the tent. I crawled back inside but kept my light shined on the other Paul. I whispered “Paul, wake up!” and the moment he did, I looked outside to see the other Paul stand up and turn facing toward me and stare at me. I dove back in and leapt under my sleeping bag and huddled there awake as I explained to Paul what I had just seen.

I guess at one point in the night, I was facing another way and was freaking out but one of the guys in the tent said he woke up, eyes still half closed as he rolled over, he could see… the other Paul looking through the part in the tent flap I didn’t close. He thought it was just Paul coming to wake them up but realized the real Paul was asleep right beside him. We packed up and left.

So I guess that’s the creepiest thing that happened to me. I don’t exactly know where this forest was, it was on private property, I think but god damn was that fucking scary. I have a couple different stories I can share but I don’t think they were as scary as this.

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