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Firstly, I LOVE your hair. As a woman that came from a conservative upbringing and then ran off to university to dye my hair blue and ‘become a socialist’ (my father’s words I shit you not) I revel in anyone who uses what’s on top of their head to cut loose.

Now on to why you are really so awesome. When I started this piece I was in awe of your stance and call for bridge building. That statement is so big and so loving and so needed there are not words. Once you introduced me to James I raised you in my esteem further. The hateful attitude that people like James send out into the world just about enrages me. I find it so difficult to even want to have love and understanding for these people, who refuse to have love or understanding any one not like them. I felt this way as a HS and university student when I took my Christian upbringing seriously and sought out opportunities to serve the poor and homeless. And as I have grown older I feel it even more. So I just wanted to commend you for expressing the true love that you did, when so many of us struggle to empathize with the haters. (Yes I do understand why these people are angry. They are no longer universally privileged, they are being asked to treat people of color and women with respect. I am sorry they are scared, but their fear does not hold a candle to that of their victims)

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