The DEA Wants You to Learn About Marijuana Concentrates Like Honey Oil and Budder- We Want to Help Them Out.


The DEA has tweeted that they want people to learn about marijuana concentrates and Budder- We approve of this idea and support spreading knowledge of harmless and helpful recreational and medical drugs such as weed concentrates like honey oil and Budder.

The @DEANEWS account tweeted the following:

Find out what you should know about marijuana concentrates, known as “honey oil” or “budder” at

Unfortunately, the DEA news people seemed to have linked to a site that does not provide real information about the topics they pretend to discuss. I would not suggest visiting the childish horror stories and made up statistics that their nonsense website is focused on. Let’s find some real, honest information about this topic and actually help some people be safer.

When doing stronger forms of marijuana, especially eatables and concentrates, it is extremely important to understand and focus on dosages. Two cookies from one source might provide the exact high/medical benefit that you are looking for… but two cookies from a different source might have a much higher dosage, which can lead to bad side effects, specifically paranoia. Watch your dosages, be safe, and have fun.

We would like to thank the DEA for bringing up this important topic. Below are some good resources for people to learn important facts about using marijuana concentrates safely and effectively. We suggest bookmaking this site and sharing it with your friends who either use or are considering trying using concentrates and edibles. There is nothing cool about getting too high because your are not knowledgeable enough about the substances you are using. Be smart, have fund, and stay safe. That’s our motto here. Please utilize and enjoy the following resources.

The Great Wide World of Cannabis Oil and Concentrates By Bailey Rahn Source: Shortlink:

The Beginner’s Guide To Dabbing & Cannabis Concentrates By: Drake Dorm Source: Shortlink:

Hash and Concentrates Source: Shortlink:

An Introduction To Marijuana Edibles: What You Should Know About Ingesting Cannabis By: Zach Reichard Source: Shortlink:

10 Commandments of Marijuana Edible Safety By: By Elise McDonough Source: Shortlink:

As always recommends focusing on safety first. Always know what you’re doing, don’t overdue it, and be safe. A few minutes of reading may help you have much better experiences with marijuana concentrates and edibles. Have fun, and most importantly, don’t listen to the bullshit the DEA is trying to convince innocent children of, like marijuana is somehow dangerous. These people must just be laughed out of the debate until we are buying, eating, and smoking our marijuana wherever the fuck we want.

Please contact us if you have any other resources you would like to see listed here.

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