Would Trump “Make a Deal” With The Left?
Michael Tracey

The Never-Trumpers are well below the hypothetical “30%”. The number has been steadily shrinking. If Trump is elected, there will still be perhaps 5% still refusing to jump on board, but that isn’t enough to matter. Trump will work with any one who is interested in solving problems, and he has always said so. Trump is an Alpha personality in an arena he enters. He has charisma and unflinching drive. Many who may have sneered at him, from either side of the aisle, will recognize his gifts and he will win their grudging respect. He will stretch his hand out, and listen carefully, to anyone who has an earnest desire to improve our economic future, trade deals, military, infrastructure, employment numbers and education and health systems. He will be ruthless in exterminating corruption and waste. Anyone who wants to be a part of that solution, Trump will very likely welcome.

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