Best manager is no manager.

I think that’s all you need to know before going manager career.

27 rules from Richard Hamming and the science.

  1. Say to yourself “Yes, I would like to do something significant.”
  2. “Luck favors the prepared mind” (c) Pasteur
  3. Believe in yourself, have independent thoughts and have the courage to pursue them.
  4. Plant the little acorns from which the mighty oak trees grow (about ideas).
  5. People are often most productive when working conditions are bad.
  6. Turn the problem around a bit, change a defect to an asset.
  7. The more you know, the more you learn; the more you learn, the more you can do; the more you can do, the more the opportunity…

I’m going to tell you a short story about science and about products. I love physics most of all and really believe that if you want to create a great product you should know some facts from its history. So let’s start.

When I come to interview, I’m always asked “What are your favourite products? Tell us about two for example.” I think “huh that’s easy”. First one is always something simple and made for everyday use, such as your doorbell or soccer ball. But another one is really strange for almost all recruiters. Because it’s quantum mechanics. Yeah, I…

Alexey Moiseenkov

Founder Capture & Prisma. Making world a bit better.

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