Tears of happiness or the end of traumetic journey

Mr. Bhoumick is just getting down from his Corvette.The media,relatives and spectators are waiting for the most successful entrepreneur of 2017.

The crowd wants to know the journey of a middle class man becoming a millionaire,out of which most of them believe it to be a mere fortune.

Cameras rolling through the sparking eyes of Mr. Bhoumick.Everyone is able to see his success but is there anyone who is able to see the struggle he has faced for being what he is.

Bhoumick surrounded all around with Sharab , Shabab and Kabab.People waiting in queues just for a glimpse of him.

But,is he happy even after coming so far.Is there anyone who can see in his eyes for whom he has gone so far,yes heartbreaks teaches one the most.

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Will include the flashback soon.