No matter how bad things get. No matter the length of my pride. I always cling to hope. Ever since I can remember I have had hope. Not once has that hope flourished but I hold onto it with all my might. Why? Because that is what hope is, isn’t it? The want and need to strive for more. To “believe” to have “faith” in a good outcome. Instead of Gods I put my faith and belief in hope. Like God, hope has not once helped me. For every ounce of it I have I find it missing when I need it most but I always seem to find more. I have hope now like I always have. The difference being I am actively working on it flourishing. I cannot rely on faith to make these important wishes a reality. If one is to have hope one has to be willing to effect it with their own will. If not than there is no point. Maybe after all this I find hope missing again. Maybe after all this I realize that I am destined to fail. Even so I tried. I can’t ask for anything more. “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” — Emiliano Zapata