Tasteless and Miserable

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up like you’re still asleep? As if you’re waking up into a dream? The real you is still asleep somewhere and you’re stuck having to do mundane boring everyday shit. I had this thought that maybe the day to day life is the actual dream and the stuff we do in our dreams are the real things. I never feel more alive than in my dreams. I’ve had some that made me feel more alive than I ever have being awake. I have had dreams so real that I would wake up from them and go, “It was better in the dream.” It was actually more “real” in the dream than it is in “real life.” The colors, the air, the hot and cold, everything just that much more pure. Just that much more raw. Then there’s the real world, this stale boring 3 day old piece of bread. Tasteless and miserable.


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