Gal Mils 8km/s answer to Black Shark Kiters, explodes to the tune of 3bil isk.

This week two Gal Mil corps with a combined 300 members deployed to iges to attempt to retake the Gal Mil heart land from the 100 strong Black Shark Invaders.

The counter attack has not started anywhere near as well as Gal Mil hoped. Despite being outnumbered 3 to 1 Black Shark skirmishers tore sheds from the Gal Mil Blob.

With their assault force being stopped in its tracks by a handful of skilled skirmishers. Gal mil turned to desperate measures. Investing 3 billion isk in a snake pod, allowed one comet to reach 8km/s. With this large investment of isk Gal Mil were able turn the tides of battle despite still using their usual tactic of “hit approach and F1”.

However without pilot skill, isk does not win fights. We can only assume that Minami Ikuta had heard that you should never lose a pod in lowsec. However that does require the most basic of skills. The ability to use a pod saver overview tab to warp out after your ship dies.

It is a good thing that Xmeta, and Aideron have deployed to Iges, because the Eve-uni low sec campus is only one jump away in Uphallant. Maybe Minami Ikuta can drop in for the next eve uni lecture on “How to save your Pod

Black Shark Cult is accepting refugees who are sick of the blob and want to be trained in skillful combat. Brand new pilots and null sec F1 vets are welcome to join our skilled training program. Learn to fight when outnumbered 3 to 1, and take pride in your achievements.