Moving On
Chelsea Manning

As a Transgender person myself, I respect your transition and gender issues, honesty and bravery in speaking these words.

However, as a security professional, I cannot get past the treasonous actions you took and the trusts you violated while serving in the active military.

I too believe all members of the Military have a higher oath driven obligation to the US Constitution than to the UCMJ. However, the content you released, while having some messages that possibly exposed illegal governmental actions in a proper whistleblowing manner, they also included many many others that NEVER should have seen the light of day and hurt our country diplomatically and put lives at risk.

You were not qualified to tell the difference between the two and it was your responsibility to get it PERFECT or face the consequences.

I’m sorry you’re a convicted felon under the espionage act, I would have liked to offer words of support for your Transgender issues but I must stand for protecting my country first by supporting you being locked up for a VERY long time.