Darlene Domanik Responds to Senate Healthcare Bill

Brighton — Environmental law attorney and congressional candidate, Darlene Domanik issued the following statement after the Senate unveiled healthcare reform bill.

“While I agree that reforms need to be made, I share many of the bipartisan concerns being voiced about deep cuts to Medicaid and the costs of reform being passed to seniors and middle-class families,” said Domanik. “I look forward to reviewing the CBO score next week and continuing discussions with the people of the 8th District who deserve a thoughtful approach that puts their health, and the health of their families, first. As the wife of an emergency room physician, I know the burden that lack of adequate insurance places on individuals, families, and America’s healthcare system. It is essential that we make healthcare affordable and accessible for Michigan’s residents and all Americans.”

Domanik is running to represent the 8th Congressional District, which includes portions of Oakland, Livingston, and Ingham counties. She resides in Brighton.


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