Why Aren’t You Angry?

The world is such a dark place. Why aren’t you angry? Why aren’t you hoping for change.

Sep 24 · 3 min read

Some nights, I lie in bed and wonder how God could ever be real.

Surely, if such a benevolent creature really existed, He would have never be so cruel as to make me a part of His world.

I don’t fit in here, I think.

I don’t belong here.

I look at the horrors that surround me and wonder how anyone could survive this.

I wasn’t made for this world.

Me, I was made for a softer type of place, a world without so much cruelty. Without so much evil and hatred.

I was made for a world where life, all life, mattered more than money and profits.

I was made for a world that understood that we are as much a part of the natural order as the rivers and forests, that we are not above or beyond it. That we are not Gods, that it is not our duty to determine who and what is worthy, but that all things are worthy.

Of love. Of life. Of happiness. Of safety. Of protection. Of a warm belly. Of a life free from terror and pain.

I was made for a world where people cared about one another. For a world where smiles and laughter and a friendly touch were the only currency that matters.

I was made for a world without war. Without hunger. Without poverty and disease. A world without raging inequality.

I look out my window and wonder what such a world would look like. Would the sky be bluer? Would the grass be greener? Would the air be clear and the water pure? Would the forests and rivers and oceans be teeming with such rich and diverse life that I couldn’t help but stare in wonder each and every day I was blessed enough to see it?

What would our cities and towns look like? What would our people look like? What kind of lives would they live? Would they be simple, yet happy?

I imagine they would be.

I wish I could live to see this world. I wish that I could help build it. I wish that I had the chance to be a part of it.

But I don’t think I will.

I look out the window and wonder why the rest of the world is not as angry as I am. I wonder why they are so willing and compliant to just let things go. Business as usual.

“This is just the way things are,” they say.

But why they don’t see the world we live in and rage?

Can they not see the toxic rivers and the dying oceans and the burning forests?

Do they not see the suffering?

Do they not know that millions are starving and die in poverty and are barred access to basic healthcare?

Do they not see how sick and tired we as a species and planet are becoming?

Is it that they just don’t care?

Have we truly fallen that far from grace?

I’d like to think not. I’d like to think that we couldn’t be that evil, that cruel, that corrupt.

But reality is often not as picturesque as we hope it would be.

I guess it’s, just the way the world works.

And I see this world and I am angry and I cry and I beg things and people to change.

I try to change. One small thing at a time.

And until everyone else does, I lay in bed at night and I pray to God that that day comes.

And hopefully, I’ll keep believing in Him.

Rachel Hardy

Written by

Former psychology major hoping to change the world and inspire others. Writes about relationships, wellness, dogs, and surviving life as a woman.

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