Identifying Signs of Child Abuse

Darrach Bourke is a financial advisor at Emerson Equity in San Mateo, California, where he has worked since 2016. Involved in his community, Darrach Bourke served on the board of directors for the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center for nine years.

The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center implements strategic partnerships, community education, and support for children and families to prevent child abuse, help victims, and reduce the impact of abuse. To support its mission, the nonprofit organization offers resources on its website, including tips on how to identify signs of child abuse.

Some indications of child abuse include:

1) Fear of being alone with a certain person. The child may feel anxious about spending time with a particular person and also be reluctant to talk about it.

2) Behavior changes. The child may suddenly begin to act depressed, anxious, scared, or withdrawn.

3) Regressive behavior. The children may return to behaviors from a younger age, such as thumb-sucking, bed-wetting, or baby talk.

These are just a few of the indicators. Others include changes in sleeping and eating habits, self-harming behaviors, and inappropriate sexual behaviors. For more information, visit