Reviewing Google products on Amazon and why feedback can go further than you think.

A well designed reputation system is key for building trust. Take popular sharing economy apps like Airbnb and Uber or auction site eBay. What all these have in common is a peer to peer review system that creates trust between individuals and could collapse without these review systems in place. They allow us to to have faith in the buyer, seller, host, guest, driver, passenger and make more informed decisions.

Our trust in corporations who avoid paying taxes has come under great scrutiny but progress is stagnant. But are we really that annoyed or upset? If sally on eBay sells me an x-box and an x shaped box arrives or my Uber driver only used pavements to get me to my destination then I am getting my righteous fingers straight on that review button to say ah hell no!

So I argue that if we aren’t too keen on these corporations avoiding tax then there is already a system in place to get your opinions heard so let’s start reviewing the things they make and sell. Review their offices on Google Maps and show them that you just ain’t cool with it!

I know it looks like the ad section of an article but below is some of the product reviews I left.

Over the top? Justified? Could it make a difference in our relationship between corporations and consumers and lead to more trust? Do you fancy giving one a go? Let me know what you think in the comments.