The Thing About Usefulness

Here’s the thing, you want people to buy from you, you want people to want to work with you. What you have to do for them is become a utility, and you can’t buy your way into being a utility, you can’t place ads and make yourself useful.

You have to earn it, you have to work at it over the long haul. You have to blog and shoot videos and be where people are asking questions about what you do.

The internet is the best thing ever invented for the contractor trying to become a utility to his or her community. Why?

Here’s the thing about the internet. You either search for entertainment or education. That’s 99% of the searches online.

If you’re not a cat playing the piano or biting your brother’s finger or taking the cinnamon challenge, then you better be in the teaching game.

Being an educator means you have the ability, over time, to become a utility to your audience. Being a utility means you get to come into their living rooms, offices or bathrooms and teach them what you know about home improvement.

That’s exactly how I’ve done it to talk to you about construction marketing, consulting, contractor websites and marketing for home improvement companies for the last 20 years.

But here’s the trouble with the utility play

Becoming a utility is the long game of construction marketing. It means you have to spend…and I’m serious when I say this, years to develop. You can’t buy your way into becoming a utility. You build that brick-by-brick by tweet-by-tweet and post-by-post, day after day for years!

The utility play is how I started Darren Slaughter dot Com, and built it to what it is today. A 10-person company with people spread out all over the country trying to make the world a safer for contractor marketing, then I started the consulting business to help guys and girls who wanted to do it on their own, but needed a hand.

The benefit

I know what you are saying, who the hell has years to build a brand? Guess what, you are doing it anyway, you just have to be aware of the fact that you are doing it, make some minor adjustments, and carry on.

What’s the benefit again?

Then benefit is this…once you get to a place where you are considered a utility, people call you. They reach out to you to help them with the thing that you’ve been talking about all these years. This isn’t a referral I’m talking about.

This is someone who saw your video or read your post and said, I gotta have this person working on MY project.

And that’s the best kind of lead to generate…the one that comes to you, here’s why:

  • Your chance of closing shoots through the roof
  • Your sales cycle turns into days, not weeks or months
  • You get to maintain margins

Who wouldn’t want that kind of lead?

But you can’t buy that kind of lead. You can’t call up Home Advisor and say, send me over 10 leads a month of people who have been following my blog for 5 years and who know me because they’ve seen my videos or been part of my social community. That type of lead doesn’t exist, you create that lead.

This plan is a long one, but it’s free, it just takes a lot of effort. If you plan on being in business for the next 10 years, you can start now and within 5 years you could be getting calls each month that generate ten’s of thousands of dollars in new business, for free.

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