As men, we need to understand we are born with both female and male energy, in order to be a sane and all round balanced individual, we must hone our female energy that we are all born with.

“What?! I ain’t no woman!”…

…some of you guys are saying now.


*Rolls eyes*

No, this does not mean a man must wear a skirt and do his hair in pigtails in order to do this -_-

It simply means taking your foot off the “I am a Man, bow down to my manliness” pedal and just be…

…simply just be…

…for you are a being of divine light that has chosen to experience this physical world as the male aspect of the whole.

As men we need to be careful, as we hold the dominant physical energy, when we go out of balance things/people get hurt…sometimes badly

The female energy is more generous and loving in nature, you’ve known this since you were a boy, going to your mother for a cuddle whenever you felt down or unsure about something. After that cuddle you’d feel refreshed and ready to go on with your day with a spring in your step. Or receiving money from your Nan (winning!).

That’s what the female energy does, it makes everything a little more softer and beautiful

The male energy is the opposite, harder, more about leadership,and power we need those energies too of course, and I love being a man, but too much of it (the male energy) results in us sizing up each other’s sausages over every little incident or disagreement…next thing you know…fights,war, destruction…because of the lack of balance in energies

This is not to say to be a “Real Man” you must be 50/50 with your male and female energies all the time, not at all…as I said before you came to this body from the cosmos to experience life as a man after all

It’s simply about being conscious of this energy you hold inside yourself, it’s about knowing it exist within you, knowing it can be drawn upon to help benefit your life whenever you feel the weight of being a “Man” is “too much”. Many men go into depression for feeling he isn’t living up to society’s standards…

…society? How about you live up to the being of light that you are!

The being that knows you are allowed to FEEL without being called a wimp!

Balance yourself by knowing a “real man” is about knowing when to use the dominant male energy and when to realise a more loving touch is needed..

…by honouring your divine feminine side…

…that female energy that is our loving softer side of which does not create world wars!

Balance is needed in all things, including our “Manliness”


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