NoSpoilerReviews: San Andreas

Watch Mode:

Step 1. Disengage brain. I cannot stress the importance of this.

Step 2. Stock up the snacks and coke.

Step 3. Sit back and be entertained (similar to watching Dwayne The Rock Johnson in anything really).


  • Arguably one of the best 3d movies around, i think they just thought about cool things they could do in 3d and went with it.
  • The Rock.
  • It’s non stop action and it’s all pretty spectacular.


  • Any dialogue could have either not existed OR each sentence could have ended with ‘Merica, and the film would have been no different.
  • My brain rather rudely re-engaged on various occasions throughout the film, completely ruining moments of entertainment brilliance. It was during these moments, things would disappear and reappear on a fairly regular basis… who needs continuity…look at the shiny, shiny!
  • My single favourite moment in the film, without doubt, is when an individual has a shard of glass in his thigh. Its painful sure, but that doesn’t stop a random woman from appearing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen apparently cleaning up part of the set. Unexpected genius.


Let’s get one thing straight, this film is terrible, but there’s nothing I would change anything about it. It’s so ridiculous that it actually turns out to be fantastic.

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