State of the domain industry and internet.

About every 4–5 years, the internet takes a jump forward not necessarily in advancement in new technology but in trust. People that never bought anything on the internet just placed an order for the first time with great anticipation on whether it arrives in 3 — days or 7, someone just signed up to a social media platform and actually gave their real contact information, someone just gave a live tour of their house and introdcude you to their dogs and you just scrolled past a couple high fiving one another after successfully baking a vegan pie that did not burn into a lump of coal this time, aldo a kid just uploaded a video of their ant farm or slime collection it as a video to YouTube for all the world to see.

I am getting back into the South African market, I feel it is picking up, a couple days I brokered for R12,500 ($1006.25 USD), it was not reported in even though I emailed them so they could report it, I guess my sale would need to be higher than $2,000. I brokered this name by contacting a long time domain portfolio owner I know and said I will do some outbound on his names. I literally typed in truck hire into my browser and contacted the top 10 results in Google, found their contact information and emailed them a generic email telling them I am brokering the domain name and wanting to know if they would be possibly interested in an opportunity. Many people do not even reply, not sure they got my email or not, I can follow up, however, I did find someone that was interested and put my focus into them. I put and as a package deal in the email, is a way better name, you would think this name would be taken and be an already developed site, such huge potential in you know how to build website or if you are in the trucking industry, this name even as a redirect to your flagship site could generate leads and make it easier for clients to remember you, find you and do business with you. The seller and I discussed pricing of the names and I quoted R15,500 for and R12,500 for or R20,000 for both. The potential buyer was traveling and got back to me in a couple days with an offer of R10,000 just for, we countered back at R12,500 with a quick close or quick payment and we had a deal. The deal was processed via which is a third party that handles secure domain name transactions, they are based in California and was seamless. The buyer has the domain name now and funds were disbursed to the seller and brokerage commission to me. Sounds to easy to be true, it can be done, you just have to put the work in.

If in the past I would dream to have an LLL (three letter) domain name, forget about .com, I just wanted one Now I have 22 LLL domains, including looks like the market has grown and strengthened. In the past LLL domain names would drop and be free to register and now registrants are holding onto them come renewal time. You can still find some LLLL (four letter) names, however, in .com every combination is taken. Seriously.. go button bash your keyboard with four random letters and type .com.

As for one word names sell between R8,000–15,000 ($635–1,200 USD). and I recently had an offer of R4,500 on a one-word name of mine I turned down, I registered the name last year, you really have to be ahead of the trends. There are way more premium names that can and will sell for hundreds of thousands of Rands in the coming months and years, one attribute is that data is very expensive in South Africa, we do not have fibre optics in every suburb or town, so once that wave kicks and date becomes cheaper, you will see even more South Africans online and for longer periods of time and naturally the proudly domain industry will become a busy aftermarket once again.

If you have the capital to spend and want to aquire some domain names and or perhaps develop a business around a particular niche you are passionate about let me know, I have lists of premium names that will only grow in value. If you have names for sale, I charge 20% brokerage commision on a successful sale through If you are new to the industry or would like to learn more or want to get involved with other domainers, you are welcome to join my Domain Broker School Facebook group by going to