The Internet paid for my haircut.

If you have ever bought something and then sold it for a profit, that is basically what I did. I am a Domain Broker, I buy, broker and sell domain names for a living. What is a domain name? A domain name is a website address, website name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the .com, .net .org, .info,, and .diet part are the extensions. A domain name is basically virtual real estate on the internet.

I am a member of, which is the largest domain forum community in the world. I searched in the Bargain Bin section on the site and I saw a list of names and 5 domain names caught my eye, that I could possibly buy and resell for profit, so I enquired and sent the seller a direct message. I told the domain owner/seller what 5 domain names I wanted to buy off the list, by listing the assigned numbers that were next to each domain name. Claiming them with the word sold.

2 3 4 7 8 sold.

The 5 domain names cost me a total of $25 USD.

I asked the seller, what was their PayPal email and sent them the money friends and family, so they would get no fees and get the full $25.

Then I sent the seller my customer number # and email address. is a domain registrar. and web hosting company. Which is like a bank or holding account of where you keep your domain names.

I had to approve a few domain transfers and emails to update the status and contact information change of each domain name, the seller pushed the domain names to me. (A push is when you send a domain name from the same registrar and a domain transfer is when you transfer from one registrar to another one).

All set. I am now the owner of 5 more domain names. I actually have about 250 in my domain portfolio, ranging from .com domain names like and,, even a couple emoji domain names like the pancake emoji 🥞.ws for example.

So, the domain name numbered 7) as mentioned previously was With a quick search in Google, I found a company called (I did search and found this company before buying the domain name so I had a buyer in mind already). I found the Contact Us page and emailed all the emails I could find, usually you can see the key people who would be the ones to make a decision such as a domain purchase and they would be the CEO. CMO, CTO or possible the intellectual property lawyer, if you are lucky.

My email conversation started like this:

I am looking to discuss the opportunity for, this 12-year-old domain name is for sale.
Kind regards,

The reply I got was:

Hi Darryl,
This website is close to ours, but to be honest its not that important or attractive to me; but it would be worth maybe a $100 to me.

Sweet! An initial offer of $100 offer. I did make a counter an offer at $4,999 USD, based off some previous comparable reported domain name sales here: sold for $38,000 USD sold for $12,000 USD sold for $3,000 USD sold for $2,000 USD sold for $1,161 USD sold for $5,400 sold for $5,130 USD sold for $5,100 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $5,000 USD sold for $4,995 USD sold for $4,995 USD

However, the buyer had no real interest in negotiating or making an offer in the thousands of dollars for the domain name, yet I was not wanting to hold onto the domain name for years and pay the annual renewal fees, as this I thought would be the ideal buyer for the domain name. After a couple emails, we agreed on the price of $225 USD. Which is a great bargain for the buyer and honestly I was happy too, I almost 10Xed my initial $25 investment and still had 4 other names.

We closed the deal via a secure third party called based in California, United States and the funds of the deal were disbursed to my bank in a couple days later. I got a haircut that cost about R200 South African Rand which is about $14 USD, paid for thanks to the internet.

“My haircuts are covered for a year!”

Darryl Lopes aka D-Lo is a South African Domain Broker, domain name consultant and online branding expert, with over 6 years experience in the domain industry and has brokered multiple six-figure deals over the years and sales totaling in the millions of dollars. Lopes also knows how to manage and monetize domain portfolios, as well as appraise domain names and digital assets. Lopes is a well known in the domain industry and is active in providing relevant content, news, information and stories about the domain name industry.