Today I learned that if are part of the Big Red Button you will need to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the feeling of being awkward. Today I also learnt to voice my feelings out instead of keeping them in and making myself unsure. I also learnt that when I’m nervous I tend to forget what I’m supposed to do, so I should learn to take notes more often to stop myself from forgetting, this happens when I do things that are new to me or do things for the first time or when I do things that I find weird.

In the first picture the person on the left is Rachel and the person on the right is Maggie. They are both producers at the Big Red Button. In the second picture Mr Tham showed me the video he made to bring awareness of how the haze effects Indonesia and how they took action to help mitigate the effects. I also felt that the video was really moving and it also made me feel like I should help with the haze situation in Indonesia. I took this picture in the Big Red Button Office.

I am also grateful that I have learnt that stepping out of your comfort zone is better than just doing nothing.

Also one piece of interesting news I found is about an earthquake that struck northeastern India resulting in 4 deaths and nearly 100 injured. I found the news interesting because normally there would be more deaths in earthquakes therefore I found this piece of news unique.

After much thought today, I realized that I want to be a leader in my Youth group, which is called Dare. However, I lack some qualities such as being able to speak up and embracing the awkwardness. So, I really want to work on those qualities.

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