Interior Design for an Executive Modern Classic Home

We delivered a total refurbishment encompassing modern shades of grey to exude a sophisticated, timeless family environment. The family bathroom, master ensuite and second bedroom ensuite all benefited from a full makeover based on the same tones as the soft furnishings to ensure a beautiful cohesive look throughout the property. The cinema room also incorporates a bar and the sofa was designed to ensure maximum comfort for all types of gatherings and social occasions, also known as the party room.”

Creating a party room that keeps everyone entertained, comfortable, and relaxed

Home cinema/party room design

The key elements of a wonderfully-designed and festive party room are vibrancy and comfort. The room must be generously spacious and well-lit, designed with beautiful, vivid colours that give off a lively ambience.

A delicate balance of radiant colours and other selected features (like the carpet in the photo above) and background colours will do the trick every time. Exquisite wooden furnishings also enhance the opulence of the space whilst the glitter wallpaper adds a sparkling opulent touch.

Aside from the appearance of the room, other elements also contribute to the overall experience. The temperature of the room must be kept pleasantly cool for the comfort of the guests. Moderate relaxing music, such as rhythm-in-blues, jazz, and/or upbeat depending on your taste can also soothe your guests and help them settle in.

Making transition areas feel special

Modern Classic Stairs and Landing

People don’t stay in transition areas for more than a few moments, so if you want these areas to have an impact on your guests, you will need something particularly eye-catching and/or impressive in the space. In addition to elements of interior design such as colour scheme, material, and furniture arrangement and style, there are a couple of other tips that will help you improve the look of these areas. As a result, creating a stunning modern classic interior design.

Your focal point may be a breathtaking landscape or skyline outside the window. Some exquisitely-created walkways and landings have delicate portraits and special carpets; others feature one-of-a-kind furniture in the hallways and entrances to certain rooms.

In the photograph above, we have an intricate set of wooden railings that complements the colour scheme for the rest of the room: simple, with unquestionable elegance.

A dream kitchen brought to life

Modern kitchen design

When it comes to designing kitchens, appliances and surfaces are the star of the show. Not only do they have to be aesthetically pleasant; they also have to be durable.

Getting the lighting just right in a well-appointed kitchen can be tricky. It absolutely must be bright enough for those preparing food in the kitchen. Several well-place but smaller sources of light should also be included so that the brightness is evenly distributed around the room.

There are many available options for flooring such as oak, stone, polished ceramic, and porcelain. However, softer materials such as cork, linoleum, and rubber tiles prove to be viable choices for kitchen flooring; they even look marvellous.

Backsplashes made of tin are also very easy to set up and can enhance the look of your ceiling and kitchen surfaces. They are also easy to keep clean. Stainless steel baseboards are another popular choice for accessorizing modern kitchens. The reflective surfaces are also easy to maintain.

Keeping up with modern design trends while creating a functional and beautiful living space is the ultimate goal. You can see in further detail what the design incorporated by visiting our modern classic home refurbishment portfolio.