Hey I love your tutorial!!
Brittany Sorrendino

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Sorry my tutorial is so weird, I tried taking as many pictures as possible, but I got in the “zone” a lot and that made me forget, just the curse of cosplaying I guess. Anyway for the material, I used 3/16 inch foam board. That’s like the most common size and can be found anywhere that sells them. Honestly, just go to your local crafts store or like Wal-mart and choose the most common size. Make sure it’s white though since coloring would be a lot easier. The fan blades are measured at your own discretion, but I made each blade from about 8 by 6 inch rectangles though the measurement isn’t all that relevant. The circular pieces is the measurement that matters. I didn’t have a measurement on that, but what I did was take a 12 ounce Planter’s peanuts can lid and drew a circle with it, then cut it out. On my other reply, I told you how I made the blades. As long as you have more material than needed, this is easy. So after you made all the curved L pieces, you glue them together to make the kind of asterisk shape when looking at it from the bottom. Then from there, what you would do after sanding them is to put it on one circular piece (do not glue yet!), center as much as possible and draw a line on the parts of the blades that stick out of the circle. From there, you can measure with a protractor, but I just free hand cut gentle curves of the excess material. Don’t worry if you over cut though, as you can always sand down the circular pieces afterwards, but that means more filing down of the blades, so be careful and try to get it the first time. As for the blades inside the two circular pieces, they’re just rectangles that you cut to size with excess foam board. Once you have glued the circular foam ribbon in between the two circular pieces, just stick the rectangles in there, line them up to the blades and cut the excess material.