Before and After

Today is the start of the month and my state of excitement is out of control. These past few weeks have been really heavy on me both in terms of loss of work time and too much time spent on phone calls. But I feel this is all temporary and things settle down I‘ll be back on track.

So I am in the flight with a bad vibrating pressure because of the small size of the airplane. So it is giving me a bad headache. But in my heart I am bubbling with nervousness and curiosity for I am going to meet him for the first time this week. We both are extremely excited and nervous to see each other and meet the families. “I never wanted to have an arranged marriage, I wished to fall in love first” he said, I am happy he did.

We have been talking for over 3 weeks now and I feel I already know him for years. As the best he explains it as, “I feel I am meeting a stranger whom I have fallen in love with!” I don’t know if it is a fairytale or just hormones that we have become so close in such a small time period. But this is my dream relationship I had ever dreamt of. I want to listen to him all day, know about his day, I guess that makes us more connected. I am lucky that he spares a lot of time from his daily routine to make me feel connected even from a distance.

I find him extremely charming and caring. One of the qualities everyone loves to see in their better half. His voice over the phones assures my heart and makes me feel content with all the new changes that have taken place in the recent past.

My parents and whole extended family is extremely happy and they are looking forward to seeing him soon. They are surprised how easily I have changed my mind to get married so early. But the reality is I didn’t want to get married so soon until I knew it would work as a licence for being able to stay with him. This distance kills me!

I am head over heels to see him and melt down in his arms. Oh! What a life ;)

I would resume with writing this post and share the “jab-we-met” experience. Until then! Fingers crossed.