Emotional Drift

With the marriage preparations on there is bound to be a lot of stress in both sides of the families. Yesterday night after a weeks time I called my dad who stays 900 miles away from the place I work. He seemed uninterested and blank contrary to how he usually is. He is always warm and friendly and asks about my work and life. Yesterday all he did was speak a few lines and transfer the phone to my Mom.

Today morning when I sent him a text asking if there was something which bothered him, he just replied back saying he feels he is suddenly all alone. That came like a storm and left me with tears.. I also feel one becomes a little too emotional at all times during this phase.

I really want to be with him there and help him plan out things. He always tells me that I am his backbone and he feels confident when I approve of his decisions. But now with the fact that I am unable to give so much time to my own family for the simple reason that I have a new family to cater to. He feels alone. Possibly thats my mistake.

I should be there for him whenever he needs me. My dad as I know him is a man of values and esteem. Repeated demeaning of his actions and capabilities might be one of the reasons he feels low. I need to tell him his worth and that I am a proud daughter. How do I do that?

What would help ? A post ? A letter ? Because phone calls make me weak.

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