Oscillating between North and South

There are so many things I come across and observe in a day and wish to jot them down there and then, but unable to do so due to no handy diary or forgetfulness and lack of time at that moment.

I went to the south of the city to meet my friend and planned a sleep over. When I was in the metro going to the other part of the city, there were so many girls I came across. Also it was a surprise visit for my friend so I was busy using my phone so that I can spend some time. When I looked up, I saw so many girls entering and exiting the metro coach, I was in the women’s coach, they all were different yet beautiful in their own ways. I in my mind have some beauty standards while might have been adopted by magazines, models, society talks etc. I used to believe that a clear skin under any skin tone, a well crafted body and some appealing hair and dress up can make a person look pretty, especially girls. But that day when more that 20 women entered the coach I found them all beautiful. Not that they fitted to the standards but somehow they all were comfortable under their own skin. Though I also saw that the girls in this city dress up in somewhat the same way, the only difference being the quality of products (dresses, shoes, make up, bags ). A girl who can afford good quality expensive brands would also look similar to the girl who might have shopped the same number of things from a cheap budgeted market. It was as if you could just photo shop and edit the color quality of the picture to make it look more profound and savoring to the eyes. It was funny like all aimed for the same star reaching through different universes.

The next thing that happened in that day was while I was looking for an auto to reach to the friend’s house a man from Australia was all exhausted because no tuk tuks were ready to go in that direction, so I decided to help him and take him along in the same auto I was going to. Even though he was very nice to me, some thoughts that I usually try and bracket kept popping up in my head. The man was trying to know my details and if I was a student, but after we had a good 15 min conversation we related on many things. Like he also arrived to this city a few days back and had come back from Chandni Chowk the same day, I also visited to get my parcel. He visited Gujarat for a wedding where I stayed for 2 years for my College. Then he insisted on paying the auto fare as I was still a student. I hope he did not miss his flight as he was in a hurry to go the airport after collecting his stuff. he paid extra and did not collect change, so I was left with 10 more bucks after paying the auto wala. I wish I would have been able to return him the money, would he feel Indians always cheat? Or he would understand that I forgot to return him the change after we dropped him first. Silly 10 Rs.

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