Real dreams

There has always been a pressure on my shoulders to dream BIG ! And by that it only means to dream something which gives maximum returns in life, but what if I want a simple life for myself. Simple living high thinking !

Not that I don’t wish to be financially independent but what if I want to live my life to the fullest and choose things that are easier and less fancy.

At the age of 24, okay 3 days left before I complete 24 on the 24th of February. I have a dream to build a house, which is green and stuffed with plants. Where I can feel the sun rays spreading across by floor bed and I can happily play with my dog, or write every morning sipping a cup of green tea made to perfection. I would want to live alone but be happy hosting people, family, friends, strangers and pets would be loved and welcomed. I want to eat fresh produce from my kitchen garden which is free from any chemicals and easy to get without paying for it. I would love to remain a vegetarian. I love people and I want them to know that. Its very hard for me to hate anyone. I especially like older people who have walked miles on this earth much more than I have. I love to listen to their life stories and their experiences. I enjoy talking to them. I also enjoy spirituality, not idol worship. But remembering God, as a friend. I have realized one thing, going to a temple, which is small and less crowded, never disappoints me. Its always calm and passes a lot of positive energy.

Some one once said, my story telling is not as a river flow, but its full of its tributaries that i revisit every time I am passing down the main river.

Because I like to give the person, a sense of the background and a build up before being able to tell that “What Happened?” It just makes me and the person listening to me on the same page and then I believe he can sense the same joy, sadness, anxiety and love which I am trying to reflect.

Anyway, so my dream is not as big as people want it to be, but I want my life to be happy, and meaningful. I don’t know if its sustainable, but I am sure I can make the most of it.